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Here’s how to stop boob sweat in its tracks

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The summer is great and everything, sure—but it has its fair share of setbacks (coming from someone who deals with subway platform sauna-heat on a regular basis). Your skin gets more oily (so it’s more prone to breakouts, sigh), the bodies of water you dip into can spell trouble for your skin and hairand the ultimate annoyance for so many: boob sweat.

With these higher temps and humidity, however, sweat droplets tend to spring up from, well, not-so-ideal places. Like underneath your breasts. Of course, that dreadful humidity is affecting the rest of you, too, but while your armpits are a locale you’re used to sweating from, the underwire area is less welcomed. There is a solution though!

Megababe Bust Dust
Photo: Megababe

“Powder would work for mild cases of boob sweat,” says Shirley Chi, MD, a New York-based dermatologist. And yes, a boob sweat powder exists, and it’s called Megababe Bust Dust Spray, which you can now get on QVC. The secret lies in the powder it uses to absorb your sweat: corn starch, baking soda, and arrowroot powder (common ingredients in natural deodorants). If you’re a heavier sweater, however, you might want to talk to your dermatologist for other alternatives.

The good thing about the Bust Dust Spray is that it’s also formulated with lavender and chamomile to sooth the skin and smell fresh—so, instead of boob sweat you’re smellin’ like flowers. It also has a non-aerosol applicator so you don’t have to spritz and get product all over your chest (thank goodness). So, there you have it: Your boob sweat problem, solved.

For your pits, these are the best natural deodorants. And here’s the down-low on armpit detoxes

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