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Photo: Taryn Toomey x Lululemon

Last year, we predicted 2017 would be the year Taryn Toomey became a household name—and it’s happening. While The Class continues to expand its worldwide presence and build a cult following, Toomey is about to enter a new tier of wellness fame with a Lululemon x The Class by Taryn Toomey collection, launching online and in select stores July 6. 

The pieces range from the usual Lululemon staples to items that feel especially Taryn-specific, like a meditation cloak and a thong-cut “heart opener” bodysuit.

The limited-edition collection offers 13 pieces ranging from the usual Lululemon staples (including leggings and crops, and both fitted and flowy tanks) to items that feel especially Taryn-specific, like a meditation cloak ($108) and a thong-cut “heart opener” bodysuit ($68). Each piece is designed to feel decidedly easy, breathable, and soft (so, classic Lulu) while oozing Toomey’s warm vibes and comfortable-meets-sexy style. The colors are understated—I spy a variation on millennial pink in there!—yet chic.

Although this is a special-edition collection, the price points are standard for Lululemon: $52 for the strappy Awakening bra and $98 for the Awakening tight—with the highest-priced piece topping out just above $100.

How about something priceless (AKA free) from the rising star of the wellness world? We’ve got you covered: Check out Toomey’s patented post-workout styling secrets and her (hilarious) tutorial on the art of no-makeup makeup

With floors embedded with healing stones, Toomey’s studio in New York City is a truly unique space—pretty tough to replicate at home, but here’s how to give your place an energetic makeover using crystals and plants.