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Photo: Instagram/@adrianalima

Adriana Lima is known for her ridiculously-toned physique: She has walked down the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway since 1999, after all. Now the model is sharing one of her secrets behind her powerful glutes: It’s an easy-to-copy exercise called the rainbow.

Kirk Myers—founder and CEO of the buzzy New York City gym, The DogPound—recently posted a video of Lima demonstrating the booty-shaking move.

#teamlima @adrianalima smashing some booty work @dogpound 🐶👊🏻 #smashcity ⚔️☠️⚔️ #letsgoooo

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Unlike other butt exercises, this one works every single muscle in your rear. “The rainbow is an incredible way to work your booty from all angles without overworking your quads or hamstrings,” trainer Katie Dunlop told Self. “You work all three gluteus muscles: your gluteus medius, maximus, and minimus.”

“The rainbow is an incredible way to work your booty from all angles without overworking your quads or hamstrings.”

If you want to try it at home, Dunlop recommends starting in a tabletop position with your shoulders aligned over your wrists and hips aligned over your knees. Next, tighten your core and begin the exercise: “Extend one leg long behind you. Move that leg as far out to the side as you comfortably can. Engaging the glutes, point your toes as you lift the leg up and over over to the opposite side in an arch motion, squeezing at the top,” Dunlop said.

Start by doing 15 reps on each leg for three sets. And when you’re feeling extra strong, you can do the rainbow on an elevated surface, like the box Lima uses in her Instagram. No matter where you try this move, one thing’s for sure: You’ll feel the burn.

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