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Welcome to House of Wellness, our hot new show with ReebokONE, in which we turn to leaders in the healthy-living movement and Reebok fitness experts to answer all of your burning questions. 

Answer this honestly: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about CrossFit? If you’ve personally never been inside the box (pun intended), chances are A) deadlifts, B) muscular dudes, and C) wiping out while attempting to lift a tire.

At least, that’s exactly what Well+Good editors (and CrossFit rookies) Jordan Galloway and Rachel Lapidos had in mind when they stepped into Solace New York. Their mission? Complete a CrossFit workout with ReebokONE trainer Kenny Santucci (yes, of MTV’s The Challenge fame).

Answer this honestly: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about CrossFit?

The two wellness experts (both avid runners whose fitness expertise leans more toward yoga and surfing than hard-core weight training) tapped Santucci’s CrossFit knowledge to find out what happens when you get outside of your fitness comfort zone.

So, are all the CrossFit stereotypes true? Watch what happened when these two editors (and dead-lifting newbies) took their first class.

ReebokONE honors the fitness instructors who inspire us, motivate us, and drive us to achieve our goals. How? By building a team of trainers that’s 120,000 strong worldwide—and giving them 25 percent off all purchases, always. Because fitness pros do more than sculpt bodies. They help us dream big.

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