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Costco's cult-fave (affordable) surfboards Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@teamwavestorm

If you assumed being able to ride the best waves like a pro surfer was an impossible dream (or at least a very expensive one), think again: You can get the best-selling surfboard at Costco, and it most likely costs less than your monthly gym membership.

To get your hands on the Wavestorm Classic Longboard, look no further than Costco’s aisles of giant snack tubs, economy packs of toilet paper, and organic produce. They’re sold at nearly 200 coastal locations of the retailer this summer, or you can order one online to avoid needing to strap the eight-foot-long board to the top of your car.

The Wavestorm has always had a cult following, largely due to its rep as a surfer’s “first stand-up experience.”

Although the popularity of the board has been on the rise since Costco started selling them for as little as $100—a third of what most boards cost, according to The New Yorker—the Wavestorm has always had a cult following, largely due to its rep as a surfer’s “first stand-up experience.” The board is designed in such a way that it’s almost impossible not to catch a wave when you’re using one—i.e., it’s a must-buy for anyone hoping to make hanging ten their new favorite hobby.

And since you no longer need a Costco membership to shop your favorite Kirkland-brand stalwarts, the only obstacle between you and the perfect wave is nabbing the perfect rash guard.

Stay healthy during your next vacation by following these pro surfers’ tips. Also—take your yoga flow to the next level by living by this instructor’s surf-inspired philosophy.