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You’d think that a life consisting of baking vegan treats, blogging about your scrumptious recipes, and running healthy restaurants is all fun and superfoods. But food bloggers deal with stress, too.

Ella Mills, who’s the entrepreneur-food blogger-influencer-author extraordinaire you know as Deliciously Ella, recently told The Cut in an interview that she used to wake up to “a vortex of stress at 6 a.m.” (ahh, the power of the push notification). That is, until she found yoga.

“My alarm goes off and I go to yoga from 6:30 to 7:30,” says Mills. “That’s the first thing I do every single morning. No matter how I’m feeling. I find that it gives me a really good mindset for the day and a real sense of positivity.”

“It gives me a clarity and a peace that nothing else does.”

It’s a much healthier replacement than grabbing her phone and scrolling through her emails and to-do list as soon as she wakes up—though she says she does that post-yoga. And Mills also notes that the vinyasa practice brings her head to a better space in which to do so.

“I’ve felt myself become stronger because I have a mental connection to [yoga],” she says. “It gives me a clarity and a peace that nothing else does. There’s the idea of physically making space which mentally allows me to make space too.” Makes sense considering the calm you feel post-savasana. Knowing your body can do all those bendy poses definitely leads to feeling like you can conquer anything.

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