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Mood Moves: How to flush out tension

Introducing Mood Moves, a Well+Good video series created by Manhattan fitness phenom Taryn Toomey, who explains how to use your body to change your mind.

After showing you how to move your bodies to boost energy, release frustration, and open your heart, Taryn Toomey, founder of The Class, is ready to help you (and us!) take on tension. Because, hey, you might be feeling just a bit agitated—okay, or a lot—as the holiday season coalesces and the new year approaches.

“Now it’s time to flush the body and wipe the slate clean,” explains Toomey.

While the move may seem straightforward, don’t be deceived; allow your body to feel loose and your mind receptive to letting go of whatever has been keeping it buzzing, and the immediate impact will have you saying, “What family drama?!”

“Hopping may feel a little mundane at first, but with an open mind, relaxed belly, and softened shoulders and jaw, you might just find some relief from all the holding, gripping, and tightening that we walk around with day to day,” notes Toomey. “Feel the pent-up tension and old ways of thinking physically shake, vibrate, and release off your body.”

Ready to wave goodbye to tension as you face the new year? Check out the video now.

Want to start from the beginning? Get Taryn Toomey’s transforming 1-minute Mood Move for instant energy here. And if the tension is more in your mind than your body, try these meditations for keeping calm in tough situations.