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Between travel and party plans, it can be hard to fit in regular sweat sessions during the holiday season, which is why we’ve tapped buzzy celeb trainer Tracy Anderson to create three workouts that are not only fast and effective, but able to be done anywhere—in case the only “gym” space you can find this week is the floor of your parents’ living room.

Being able to catch up with family and friends until late, sleep in, and eat foods you only have during the holidays is all is all part of what makes this the most wonderful time of the year. But the departure from your regular routines could also be throwing your body off balance—especially your gut. That’s because your stomach has its only circadian rhythm, a schedule it likes to follow in order to keep things moving.

“If you really want to burn calories, do 40 of each of these.”

One way to help it out during the holidays, and still enjoy yourself, is by adding workouts that support your digestive system into your fitness routine. Focusing on your abs, in particular, is a great way to go about this, according to Tracy Anderson, whose high-profile clients include Hannah BronfmanNicole Richie, and Tracee Ellis Ross.

Ahead of Thanksgiving, the fitness boss babe’s created a hardcore series you can do in only six minutes, exclusively for Well+Good. “[It’s] going to give your circulation and your digestive systems a boost,” says Anderson. “I’m going to challenge your core [with] weight transfers.” The three moves in the video above are aimed at targeting your obliques and lower abs, but trust that your glutes, legs, and even arms, will all be working hard, too. Anderson says, “If you really want to burn calories, do 40 of each of these.”

While you’ve got your mat out, try Anderson’s 7-minute cardio and 4-minute leg workouts