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Ever come across an instructor whose playlists for class are so good, you think he or she could definitely start a side hustle DJing—or at least give you access to their Spotify account? Barry’s Bootcamp CEO (and Well+Good Council member) Joey Gonzalez is one of those gifted trainers who somehow manages to always find the *one* song that’ll make you want to lift a little heavier or sprint a little faster. Here, he shares a downloadable playlist and explains how he picks the perfect soundtrack to your sweat sesh.

The number-one rule when creating a workout playlist: Pick songs that motivate you. Some people are more inspired by lyrics, others by rhythm. And similarly, what are you doing during the workout: Are you running? Are you doing high-intensity interval training?

Once you find the beats that get you moving, you’re halfway there.

When I’m preparing a playlist, I’m creating the workout to go along with the music. So, if I plan to run on the treadmill for 12 minutes, I’ll put together four separate three-minute tracks to go along with it. I choose songs that’ll help me (or my clients) get through that exercise. For example, if it’s a 20-minute HIIT session where you’re sprinting, whether on a bike or a treadmill—whatever you’re on—try and pick songs that really get you going. Once you find the beats that get you moving, you’re halfway there.

Here are 9 tracks from my personal playlist that are motivating me right now.  
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As a trainer turned CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp, Joey Gonzalez has a holistic view on wellness that includes family, mental health, and, of course, fitness. Since he took the top job in 2015, he’s grown the popular fitness empire to 41 studios—11 of them international.

What should Joey write about next? Send your questions and suggestions to [email protected]