First look: Y7 is bringing its hip-hop yoga flow to the Upper East Side

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Photo: Brad Warsh

The original hip-hop yoga studio—none other than Y7—is opening on New York City’s Upper East Side (or as they like to call it: upward east side). Hey, uptowners know how to flow, too.

Opening this Saturday is the hot vinyasa studio’s sixth location—its first above 23rd street, and its largest to date—so yogis that live uptown won’t have to travel far in order to downward dog to Drake.

“The UES is an area we have been looking to move into for over a year now,” says Sarah Levey, the studio’s co-founder. “It took us over nine months of looking to find the perfect space and the right team to build it out. So far, all of our locations have been 23rd street and below—we are so excited to bring the Y7 concept uptown and open our studio to a whole new neighborhood.”

y7 studios upper east side
Photo: Brad Warsh

The studio has a spacious reception area where you can shop the merchandise—featuring the classic “Brooklyn we flow hard” tanks and “Wake up and smell the poses” mugs, as well as UES-exclusive clothing—and two candlelit workout rooms with Y7’s signature “A Tribe Called Sweat” and “We Flow Hard” murals plastered on the black wall. Also at the uptown location? Multiple showers (a major plus after sweaty vinyasas).

“This location has truly been a labor of love,” says Levey. “It was a completely raw space when we got it—when you walk into the studio, everything from the design and layout to the candles’ holders and the tiles in the bathrooms were handpicked by us. This is the first time we have had full design and build-out control in a New York studio and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how it came out.”

The UES has recently become somewhat of a fitness hotspot, with everything from ChaiseFitness to Barry’s Bootcamp and Ballet Beautiful opening locations there (as well as the four buzzy studios in the building at 201 East 67th St.), so now it can happily add beat-driven yoga to its wellness repertoire. Namastizzle to that.

Y7, 1459 Third Ave., fouth floor, New York, NY, 10028,

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