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Eaton Workshop opens hotel for activism and wellness Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/Lumina

Hotels aren’t what they used to be, and that’s a good thing. Less focused on the utilitarian approach to hospitality, many brands are instead helping you become your best self (let’s call it the Airbnb effect.) Say hello to juice bars, better workout options, and—for the new Eaton hotel chain—social justice and activism.

While a hotel may not seem like the ideal incubator of change, revolt, or revolution, Eaton Workshop (the co-working space for woke and wellness-loving folks) founder and president Katherine Lo told Fast Company that her mission with the hotel is to mirror the “zeitgeist happening among the younger generations.”

“These hotels are going to get built anyway, so I thought ‘why not take the framework of hotels and really reconfigure them and funnel them toward social change?'” she said.

For the “work hard, Zen hard” guest, there’s a yoga studio, meditation rooms, juice bars, reiki, acupuncture, and more.

In addition to catering to millennials who may have been driven to everyday activism as a result of the current tumultuous political climate, the hotels are also focusing on—you guessed it—wellness. For the “work hard, Zen hard” guest, there’s a yoga studio, meditation rooms, juice bars, reiki, acupuncture, and more (possibly) woo woo services that Lo said are aimed to “promote a holistic mind-body-health approach to life and work.” (So, hopefully a stay could help you stave off burnout.)

The new chain has plans to open four locations across the United States and in Hong Kong, with the first in Washington, D.C. That outpost is slated to open in April 2018 and will have 209 rooms with six designed as visual artist studios, as well as a movie theater, a co-working space, and bars and restaurants. The hotel will also host events and speakers.

The only thing left to wonder about is whether this social-action wellness palace is also pet-friendly

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