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Photo: Stocksy/Lauren Naefe

Traveling alone for even a week can be a daunting undertaking. Now imagine that trip has extended into a monthlong adventure abroad, and you need to find somewhere suitable (read: not sketchy and offers high-speed Wi-Fi) to get online for work. And since feeling safe and comfortable can be difficult in unfamiliar environments, let alone in foreign countries, the company Behere wants to help you become a #bossbabe world traveler.

The start-up will organize the difficult details that bog down the jet-setting woman’s life, according to Afar. Starting at $1,400 a month, the platform finds furnished short-term apartments and co-working spaces, books you a gym membership, and even plans networking events.

Starting at $1,400 a month, Behere finds furnished short-term apartments and co-working spaces, books you a gym membership, and even plans networking events.

Working remotely is becoming an increasingly popular setup, and there are certainly benefits for pretty much everyone involved in the arrangement, but Behere co-founder Meesen Brown said the company identified a problem that needed a solution: Expat women who might otherwise feel “like they can’t live abroad because of safety concerns or a lack of community” can now do so with the company’s help, Brown told Afar.

Behere is currently organizing rentals and work spaces for women in 12 cities throughout Europe and Asia. Brown said she hopes “to empower and inspire women to see the world. There’s been so much change for women lately, and it’s incredible to be a part of that and help shape the way we work, even if it’s on a small scale.”

So what are you waiting for? Negotiate for extra WFH days stat, then hit the road—to keep working.

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