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Photo: Stocksy/Micky Wiswedel

If you’re a part of the growing crowd of backpack-toting, dirt-loving young outdoorswomen who are hitting the trails across the country, you know that scaling a huge mountain is majorly empowering—and a super-scenic way to get your sweat on.

Whether you’re venturing out into the great beyond for the first time or just the first time this fall (maybe to peep some colorful leaves?), colder seasons require some specific equipment—and it’s no doubt a solid reason to go parka shopping.

These products are essentially a camping starter pack—the staples you should have before heading off on your next life-affirming expedition.

See the 11 must-haves for your next hike below.

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Before you head out, here’s why an hour-long hiking-boot fitting is worth it and some fall-retreat options to consider