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Let’s face it: You’re kinda stressed. And while you could flip through your horoscope to figure out the best way to decompress, why not hit up the zodiac for where to take a seriously rejuvenating vacay? (Those PTO days are begging to be used.)

“Your sun sign can tell a lot about the type of vacation that’ll completely restore you,” says Sandra Sitron, founder of Strong Eye Astrology. (And in case you didn’t know the intricate details of your horoscope, the sun sign’s the one aligned with your birthday.)

But don’t be surprised if you’re not immediately into, say, the silent retreat that’s well-suited for your sign. “This destination match might not be the most obvious choice, but it could help you find true alignment,” the astrologer explains.

You can also check your rising and moon signs for some travel inspo. (Don’t know either? You can find them here and here.) “Your rising sign will show you a vacation that you can actually see yourself taking,” says Sitron. “It fits the image of who you are. And your moon sign vacation will help you express yourself emotionally and connect deeply to your feelings for a very healing trip to embark upon.”

Sounds like a solid case for racking up your frequent flyer miles.

Keep reading to find out your ideal, astrologically aligned vacation, according to Sitron.

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Graphics: Abby Maker for Well+Good

Aries: Adventuring to the rim of a volcano in Hawaii

As a fire sign, Aries is a leader who isn’t afraid to take big risks—which is why it’s ideal for you to try new things (beach lounging will have to wait). Doing something like hiking a volcano will give you the rush of adrenaline that you crave and make you feel like you can run the world. (Cue Beyonce.) It fuels your daredevil, badass nature that’ll ignite motivation to complete the quotidian tasks once you’re facing reality back home.


Taurus: Wine tasting in Italy

You have heightened sensory abilities, Taurus, so indulge those senses on a vacation with lovely sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings. You also crave luxury and beauty—so perhaps take this as a reason to splurge on, say, a villa in the Italian countryside (pool optional—but a fridge stocked with local delicacies definitely isn’t). Plus, you’re an earth sign, so connecting with the environment where the vino or Brie was produced helps you feel deeply grounded and relaxed.


Gemini: Language immersion in Mexico

Gemini, you love to learn. Which means that being thrown into a different place where no one speaks your language isn’t stressful—it revitalizes you. Traveling somewhere that will allow you to deepen your language skills will bring a bright new perspective to refresh your everyday routine. Try Mexico, where you can learn Spanish or Yucatec Maya (or both!) and bridge the gap between cultures. (Plus, who can argue with lots of guac at every meal?)


Cancer: A voluntourism cruise to the Dominican Republic

Though you would love a staycation (hygge for life), Cancer, when you do go out of town head towards the ocean. You’re a water sign, which means your emotions run deep and you have tons of compassion. Jumping on a cruise ship to do volunteer work in the Caribbean would be the dream vacay—this kind of trip would allow you to feel at home even when you’re far from your own, and you’ll get to activate your nurturing nature as you help the community. Win-win!


Leo: Upscale city escape in London

Leo, you love to be playful and feel like a star (which is why you probably own a pair of these statement-making designer sneakers). Every once in a while you need to go all out—so having a posh city trip will satisfy your lust for luxe. Take this as the perfect opportunity to dress to the nines (read: get out of your leggings for once) and stay in a fancy hotel. You’ll be happiest taking in lots of culture—art shows, music, theater, dance…. And if you somehow end up onstage yourself? Even better.


Virgo: A silent retreat in Big Sur

Darling Virgo, you can have a busy mind, since it’s your MO to improve yourself and your surroundings. So every once in a while it’s vital for you to completely unplug—especially if it’s somewhere insanely beautiful (hello, silent retreat in Big Sur). You need the chance to hit the reset button in order to go back ready to serve at your high, #girlboss level.


Libra: A spa-and-shopping jaunt in Paris

You need beauty, Libra. When you get too far removed from the ‘gram-worthy, everything in your life gets out of whack (that’s why you always have flowers on your desk). It explains why a trip to a classically lovely place like Paris is centering for you. While there, squeeze in a relaxing spa sesh to reconnect with your body, then go shopping—even just strolling through boutique stores gives you an instant boost (no need to whip out those Euros if you’re on a tight budget).


Scorpio: An archeological dig in Peru

Scorpio is the investigator of the zodiac. Understanding the underlying feelings and motivations of humanity fuels you, so you like to dig deep on all levels. (Yes, that’s why you always ask lots of questions). An archaeological dig would pique your curiosity—plus, you don’t mind a strenuous task if the reward is deeper meaning.


Sagittarius: A ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway across Russia

Sagittarius is the constant explorer of the zodiac. You’re always trying to get a look at what’s just over the horizon. This kind of curiosity fits perfectly with a trip that involves a long train ride through a foreign land—it helps you connect the dots between places as you dive into the unfamiliar. The Trans-Siberian Railway offers the classic adventure that taps into the romantic side of your personality (maybe you’ll land a dreamy cabin-mate) and lets you have a clear destination.


Capricorn: Sandboarding the dunes of Namibia

Capricorn’s always a hard worker, so your vacation needs to be a place where you can totally detach from your job. At the same time, it should be a trip that lets you build strength—so an adventure in the sand dunes of Namibia fits the bill. Far from the beaten path, you can explore the natural beauty of Etosha National Park and Skeleton Coast and even pick up new skills like learning how to sandboard. You’ll look upon a different horizon here and broaden your experience—which is simultaneously grounding and expansive.


Aquarius: Learning to sail in Australia

As an air sign, Aquarius, you can expand your view of the world by harnessing the energy of the wind. Sailing is your perfect sport—it’s meditative and requires constant attention, meaning it will help you focus your mind (which, TBH, can get lost in daydreams). You can do it with partners, too, as you excel with teamwork. Sailing on the sea can lead to a true mental breakthrough—spurring you to envision a better future.


Pisces: A nature getaway to Nova Scotia

Photo: Sandra Sitron

Pisces is ultra-sensitive and empathetic—so your vacation should be restorative and far away from any stress or strain. You feel relaxed in nature, and would do well getting some quality alone time in a remote location, secluded in scenic greenery (stopping off at a lighthouse is a good option, too). An idyllic vacation like this will give you a fresh dose of spaciousness that you can bring home.

Sandra Sitron is an astrologer, consulting hypnotist, and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. She was introduced to interpreting celestial objects at a young age, and it’s become part of the lens through which she views the world. In addition to writing Well+Good’s monthly astrological guides, Sitron also releases a weekly horoscope and offers private astrology and hypnosis sessions.

Wherever you go, maybe this is the year you unplug the phone while you’re on vacation. And here’s how to pack your suitcase like a pro—definitely the first step toward a stress-free trip.

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