These Products Will Transport You to Hawaii—No Plane Ticket Necessary

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Ah, the lush tropics, fresh fruits, vivid greens, and turquoise blues of Hawaii. The group of islands and dreamy lagoons contain a lot of rich beauty, which is why it's pretty much a no-duh fact that so many skin-care brands hail from the area.

Chances are when you think of the islands, you picture native women rocking (real) flower necklaces, enviable swimsuits, and perfect tans 365 days a year—and while that may not be exactly true, the residents certainly know a thing or two about beauty (being surrounded by it 24/7, of course).

"Here in Haleiwa, living a healthy lifestyle is pretty easy," says Holly Harding, Hawaii resident and founder of skin-care line O'o Hawaii. "With all the natural beauty that surrounds us on the north shore, it's in line to focus on our own natural beauty. The ocean, mountains, beautiful flowers, and ocean wild life are true inspirations."

"The ocean, mountains, beautiful flowers, and ocean wild life are true inspirations."

She explains that she's surrounded by Hawaiian noni, papayas, and fragrant Tahitian gardenias, and that the outdoor lifestyle (because who would hygge in that environment?) sets the tone for self-care. The islands are also plush with superfoods, which do double duty of feeding your skin from the inside out. Think pineapple, spirulina, astaxanthin, and Hawaiian noni fruit—which all have complexion-boosting powers.

"It's warm all year, so walking around town with a full face of makeup really isn’t comfortable or practical, especially given my ocean lifestyle," she says. "I became obsessed with changing the texture, tone, and clarity of my skin so that I didn’t feel the need to mask my face." In other words, like the landscape that these ingredients contribute to, slathering them on your face will lend equally beautiful results.

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