11 Decorative Candles That Are Too Cool to Burn (Which Makes Them the Healthiest Kind)

Photo: Areaware
A few years ago there was a cute little boutique in the Lower East Side called Objectify 139 that kicked off my obsession with kitschy (of course) candles. I soon began to collect them like I do vintage ashtrays (to hold my sage and palo santo, duh). I'd pop into the store and leave with a pastel blue Bambi candle or one shaped like a hand.

Ever since, I've gravitated toward candles that are looks first and scent second, and truth be told, I've never lit most of them. (I hear it's not that great for your health.) But just seeing my bedroom mantlepiece adorned with a wax Disney character deer is enough to keep the winter blues away.

Today I was reminded of my love for candles that double as home decor when I came across news of a collaboration between Joya Candles and A24 (a production studio responsible for movies like Moonlight, Ladybird, and Hereditary). It sent me on a fond walk down memory lane by way of an internet deep dive into home decor candles. The results of my search are the 11 wax works of art below that'll add some fragrant flair to your home—without getting lit.

You can also upgrade your home aesthetic by learning to mix patterns or embracing wabi sabi.

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