I Traded My Lip Balm For This Ultra-Hydrating Lipstick, Which Leaves My Lips Feeling Nourished Long After I Remove It

Photo: Stocksy / Ivan Gener
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When I went in search of a lipstick that not only gives me a punch of color but also keeps my lips nourished, I discovered Hourglass's Unlocked Satin Crème Lipstick ($38)—and it was love at first swipe. Its creamy, hydrating formula got my lips through the dry days of winter and is transitioning beautifully into spring.

Before adding this product to my makeup routine, I was used to my lipsticks caking after application and settling into the dry cracks of my lips throughout the day. But when I tried Hourglass satin crème,  I could actually feel the formula melt into my lips on contact, clueing me in that my dry lips were in dire need of this hydrating product. It's made with mango seed butter, avocado oil, and argan oil, which provide long-lasting moisture, transforming my once dry and cracked lips into a smooth canvas. Long after I remove my lipstick, I can still feel the benefits of this product's smoothing ingredients. Even while au naturel, my lips still feel soft to the touch.

Beyond making my lips feel good, this lipstick makes them look amazing. Vegan waxes allow it to glide onto my lips for smooth application. The tip has a custom bullet shape that allows for super-precise application. I was surprised by the clean lines this lipstick creates to highlight the shape of my lips so they appear much more full and plump. Goodbye, lip liner!

Hourglass Unlocked Satin Crème Lipstick is available in 21 shades ranging from soft neutrals to reds. Each one is highly pigmented, providing full coverage with a single application. With spring here and summer on the horizon, I've added four soft shades to create glam looks with soft pink and peach tones. These include Reef (coral pink), Lotus (deep neutral rose), Flora (berry rose), and Tropic (rose mauve).

Each lipstick comes in a sleek gold magnetic case that is embossed with a silhouette of a bunny, which is the symbol of the Unlocked collection. It supports "the Nonhuman Rights Project's mission to unlock the cages of wild animals in captivity." Hourglass donates 5 percent of the profits from all Unlocked products to the organization's efforts.

No matter what the season, I know I’ll be returning to this lipstick collection to experiment with different shades to complement my glam all year round. I’ve tossed out the bland lip balms that failed to heal my dry lips. And I've said goodbye to the struggle of finding a matching lip liner and slowly outlining my lips. With Hourglass's Unlocked Satin Crème Lipstick, I have a truly multipurpose product that not only enhances the look of my lips, but also the feel and texture.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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