Steal a Makeup Artist’s Super-Simple Hack to Get Lashes to Fan Out and Look Full

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Even the best mascaras on the market can fall victim to user error. We've long known that using too much product (and forgetting to let it properly dry between coats) is a surefire recipe for clumping, and that forgetting to curl before you apply can leave your lashes looking flat and spiky. Recently, though, we picked up a new, makeup-artist-approved tip to ensure lashes look fanned-out and so full that people will think you're wearing falsies.

According to Jaleesa Jaikaran, a makeup artist with Mary Kay Cosmetics, the best way to fake the appearance of full lashes is to use her "top-to-bottom" application method—which is surprisingly simple to perfect on your own. All you have to do is apply product to the top of your lashes, let it dry slightly, then go in from underneath to coat them from the other side.

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To ensure your lashes get the total, fanned-out effect, you'll want to try this using a curved wand. The reason? This type of spoolie mimics the shape of your natural lash, and coats each individual hair with pigment, while also offering a subtle curling effect. And in terms of what material your mascara wand is made out of, celebrity makeup artist Cara Lovello has a clear favorite. "I like more of a plastic wand versus bristles because I find there's a lot less clumping," she says. To best avoid uneven application, looking for comb-like bristles that have some space in between them can help to separate your lashes as you apply the mascara.

Once you've got the right wand, use the outside (or the "convex" side) of the curve to brush the mascara onto the top of your lashes from root to tip, then mimic the same process (using the same side of the wand) underneath your lashes to set the curl and add definition. As you do this, remember to wiggle the wand back and forth slightly near the base of your lash line to pick up any tiny, shorter lashes, and let each coat dry slightly (but not completely) before adding the next one. To help you find the perfect product for your fullest, most fanned-out lashes yet, we rounded up some of our favorite products for getting the job done. Keep scrolling to shop them for yourself.

Mary Kay Lash Love® Lengthening Mascara — $15.00

Not only will this mascara’s curved wand make your lashes look lifted, but its formula also includes conditioning and strengthening ingredients that will make them look more luxurious all on their own.

Kosas The Big Clean Longwear Volumizing + Lash Care Mascara — $26.00

Our entire beauty team swears by this mascara thanks to the fact that it delivers extreme, fluffy lashes for 12 hours without smudging. A single coat will give you a solid fanning effect, but the more product you add, the more drama you’ll get.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Washable Mascara — $6.00

Despite its price tag, this mascara offers some serious va-va-voom. The curved, fanning brush is made with 10 layers of bristles that leave no lash unattended, and they add enough oomph to make even the straightest, sparsest, and shortest lashes look luscious.

For more of our tried-and-tested mascara reviews, check out the video below. 

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