Why *Now* Is the Best Time to Experience the Home of Hygge: Copenhagen

Photo: Stocksy/Shikhar Bhattarai
The colder it gets outside, the more we (it's not just me!) collectively look for innovative ways to add a heaping dose of hygge to anything and everything in our lives. But rather than debate the practicality of covering every inch of your life in shag carpet (maybe just me?), why not instead hit up the OG headquarters of the cozy cultural phenomenon? Yes, Denmark.

Maybe it's to be expected—we are talking about the place that gave an actual name to the idea of staying in—but there are basically a million reasons to visit Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The majority are all about hygge, but the city is also the perfect place for an idyllic getaway resembling a snow globe, considering it's the second-happiest country in the world and is host to a number of cold-weather activities that will make you feel like you were transported to a mythical winter wonderland.

So get ready for this: A trip would likely include ice-skating, which seems to be the national pastime due to the sheer number of places available to show your I, Tonya–esque chops; shopping for hygge clothes for your hygge vacation at a festive outdoor market; and plenty of gløgg (a local drink that's combination of mulled wine, spices, raisins, and almonds) sipping.

I'll see you on the plane, where I'll be totally hygge-ified already (clad with my hand sanitizer and tennis ball, to ensure the best flight ever, of course).

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