10 Indoor Hanging Plants To (Ahem) Elevate Your Home’s Greenery

Photo: Stocksy / Leah Flores
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When you've exhausted all of your lower-level plant placement options, the only way to go is up. And from trailing pothos to fluffy ferns, indoor hanging plants can imbue any indoor space with tranquil forest (or chic hotel) vibes. Bonus: Hanging plants draw your eyes upwards, which can make your ceilings appear taller.

And while, technically, almost any plant can be a hanging plant if you hang it (and if it just believes...), for maximum effect, viney plants that will drape beautifully down your wall are the way to go.

Just remember, when hanging your plants, be sure to get the proper mounting hardware for the weight of your plant and to follow the installation instructions. The last thing you need is your plant falling off the wall.

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Marble Queen Pothos — $16.00

The epipremnum aureum is also known as the marble queen pothos for the creamy variations on its green heart-shaped leaves. Pothos are widely grown indoors in hanging baskets. Pothos love moderate indirect light and are pretty easy to care for.

String of Bananas — $10.00

The string of bananas (or string of pearls) is a super fun indoor hanging plant. They’re native to South Africa and feature long loose tendrils with banana-shaped foliage that retain the plant’s water, meaning you won’t have to water it too often. It’s also available in a 6-inch pot ($23).

Bird's Nest Fern — $9.00

The bird’s nest fern is a tropical fern native to Asia and East Africa. Its leaves are curly and often have split ends, making the plant appear fuller. This plant prefers high humidity and partial shade.

English Ivy — $10.00

Ivy is often seen on buildings outside but can also thrive indoors under the right conditions. This variety prefers bright light and regular fertilizing and can easily withstand underwatering.

Rabbit's foot fern
Rabbit's Foot Fern — $10.00

The rabbit’s foot fern is named for the fuzzy rhizomes, aka stems, that grow from the soil and climb down the pot. It features numerous small, delicate leaves that give it a unique look but also make it more difficult to care for than other ferns. It prefers indirect sunlight and constantly moist soil. The leaves also enjoy regularly misting or showers to prevent them from drying out.

Pothos N'Joy — $10.00

The pothos N’Joy features beautiful leaves with stark pops of cream and green. It has smaller, more rounded leaves than the standard variety of pothos. Like most pothos, it enjoys moderate, indirect light and hates to be overwatered.

Fishbone Cactus — $20.00

Also known as a fishbone cactus, the epiphyllum anguliger naturally grows clinging to the limbs and trunks of trees. It’s a night-blooming epiphytic cactus that blooms large pink or white, fragrant flowers for just a few nights in the fall. Unlike other cacti, the epiphyllum anguliger loves high humidity and more frequent watering.

Ribbon Fern — $10.00

The gorgeous pteris cretica (or ribbon fern) is a fun alternative to your typical fern. It makes a great indoor or outdoor hanging plant. It requires indirect sunlight, humidity, and pruning.

lemon button fern
Lemon Button Fern — $10.00

Lemon button ferns are easy to grow and have beautiful small leaves. Its adaptability and compact nature makes it great for smaller spaces. It prefers higher humidity and indirect sunlight.

Glacier ivy
Glacier Ivy — $8.00

Glacier is a variety of English ivy that is distinguished by the creamy white patterns on its leaves. It prefers bright light, regular fertilizing, watering when the top inch of soil is dry.

Learn more about caring for your pothos from plant doctor Maryah Greene:

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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