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Jennifer Garner Can’t Stop Wearing These Running Shoes That Have Been Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association

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Jennifer Garner has proven time and time again that she's all about a comfortable wardrobe. Remember when the actress and founder of Once Upon a Farm made us all buy like five pairs of the same slipper clogs she was wearing last fall? (We do.) Although the actress is no stranger to Hollywood glam, she’s definitely a fan of keeping things casual on most days of the week (from what we can tell on her Instagram). And now, she's inspiring our footwear style once more with the sneaks she was spotted wearing recently.

According to InStyle, Garner's latest go-to shoes have seemingly been the Brooks sneakers. Yes, the old-school running shoes that were once popular in the ‘80s and then had a rebirth several years ago. Sometimes she'll wear them on the go, and other times while working out (like seen here below in this adrenaline-pumping video she posted to Instagram back in April). 



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For the uninitiated: Brooks are known for being super supportive and easy to wear. The secret is their research-backed GuideRails® support system. It’s a special technology that helps to keep your stride stable as you move by supporting your knees, hips, and feet at the same time. And for runners, this allows you to stay in your natural form, or "habitual motion path." As a bonus, select styles have been accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, including the Adrenaline GTS 22 sneakers.

And while we're unsure of the exact style Garner has been rocking around town, here are some fan-favorites to add to your summer closet to take on your next run—and beyond.

Adrenaline GTS 22 — $140.00

If you like to go for a morning run, or get your steps in through a walk around neighborhood, these kicks are going to be your new best friend. They’re tailor-made for walking and running both short and long distances. But the real “wow” factor is the cushioning. This helps to absorb more impact and create a softer landing.

“Just a great supportive shoe,” one five-star reviewer writes. “I am recovering from plantar fasciitis and my podiatrist recommended Brooks. I have worn the first pair everyday for around 18 months. I consider them a vital part of my recovery.”

brooks ghost
Ghost 14 — $140.00

Available in over 20 different colors, these Ghost 14 shoes are one of the brand’s most popular styles—and for good reason. They make for comfortable road running, thanks to their well-cushioned midsole that helps reduce stress on your joints, and gives you a smoother stride. One reviewer even ranked them a step above top brands like Hoka and Saucony.

“I’ve tried Hokas, Altras and Sauconys,” they write. “I can say Brooks Ghosts (any season) are the best running shoe. I run on flat roads and there’s no comparison. Added bonus that the color choices are super fun!”


brooks Ariel 20
Ariel '20 — $160.00

What we love about the Ariel ’20 sneakers is how comfortably snug these are designed to fit, and how naturally supportive they are. They have the brand’s signature GuideRails technology that helps recheck your form and provide more stability. Plus, they’re great for running and walking.

“Very stable shoe,” one reviewer writes. “I started to use this shoe when I had found out I had a tear in my fascia, behind my toes. This shoe is good because it doesn’t over-flex where your foot naturally flexes, which is hard and bad for feet like mine with bunions and arthritis in the joints. If you need stability and support, this is a great shoe.”

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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