The Astrological Significance of Katy Perry’s Spectacularly Unique Engagement Ring

Photo: Well+Good Creative
Well, someone had an epic Valentine's Day yesterday and her name is Katy Perry. The singer just announced her engagement to Orlando Bloom on Instagram. That they've finally taken their relationship (very) public is nice, but the ruby red rock in Katy Perry's engagement ring is what got our attention.

A flower-shaped ring with diamond petals, the jewel is an unusual choice for an engagement ring. "The center stone appears to be an oval-shaped ruby," jewelry expert and gemologist Grant Mobley tells People. And it turns out the hue has a lot of significance.

"The deep magenta essence in Katy’s diamond resonates with the power of the high heart. Not just the emotional security of light pink—like a soothing rose quartz—but the transmutational aspects of love," says Luke Simon, co-founder of Maha Rose Center for Healing. "Diamond is a product of pressure that turns carbon into bling. The fact that this one turned a deep magenta is rare and shows that Orlando sees Katy’s unique and powerful heart and can support what makes her so special."

Heather Askinosie, leading crystal expert and co-founder of Energy Muse, explains that each finger is aligned with the energy of a specific planet. Your ring finger is paired with Venus. That position combined with the qualities of her ring speak even more to their strong connection.

"When you wear rings with larger carat, higher-grade gemstones aligned with a specific planet, it strengthens the area of your life that the planet governs," says Askinosie. "Wearing a combination of diamonds and high-quality pink stones on your ring finger activates your connection to Venus and its love energy. In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful gemstone combinations for wedding or engagement rings. This ring also has eight diamonds surrounding the central gemstone, which represents the power of their love and a prosperous relationship."

Basically, if the color and qualities of the engagement ring has anything to do with it, this couple's deep connection and understanding of each other will allow them to have a happy, long-lasting relationship. Or as Perry puts it, a love that's in "full bloom."

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