The Leonid Meteor Shower Is Coming—Here’s What It May Mean for Your Zodiac Sign

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If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere without much light pollution, and with cloudless weather on November 16th, it’s worth glancing up at the sky to try spotting the Leonid meteor shower, which peaks that night, as the Earth shifts into the debris-filled orbit of a comet. While meteors are fleeting and evaporate into the atmosphere, this Leonid meteor shower may still hold significance for each zodiac sign, based on the constellation from which it originates and the other celestial transits in motion as it occurs.

Among astrologers, there’s some debate as to just what a meteor shower may symbolize, with many modern astrologers paying them less attention than ancient astrologers, who regarded them as important celestial phenomena, says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides. “Because meteor showers are about stardust breaking off and flying through the cosmos, and therefore undergoing transition, we can think of a meteor shower as taking on the significance of a change of course: closing out old patterns to start new beginnings,” she says.

"We can think of a meteor shower as taking on the significance of a change of course." —astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides

In fact, that’s a similar vibe to what we might feel during an eclipse—and serendipitously, the day after the Leonid meteor shower brings the start of the upcoming eclipse season, with a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus. As a result, we can expect a double whammy of fated energy around ‘a-ha’ changes, or what astrologer Rachel Lang calls “bursts of insights,” during this mid-November timeframe.

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Because the Leonid meteors emerge from the Leo constellation, we can also anticipate those shifts to take on the flavor of the sign Leo, says Leslie Hale, an astrologer at “And Leo is associated with drama, theater and art, royalty, individualism, and lion-hearted or brave and exceptional people.” Alongside that potent Leo energy, we’ll have the moon entering earthy, sensual Taurus, while the sun is in intense Scorpio—making this moment of change extra-powerful for anyone whose sun or ascendant falls in any of the above three fixed zodiac signs, or the similarly fixed Aquarius.

That said, every zodiac sign can expect to feel some version of this meteoric spark. Below, astrologers walk through how the Leonid meteor shower could show up cosmically for each one.

Here's how the Leonid meteor shower could shake things up for each zodiac sign


You'll be turned inward on this day, Aries. Despite the potential for unexpected actions from another person or outside force, you'll be inspired to find a sense of grounding within your personal self-worth, says Hale. The push will be toward finding a state of relaxation that aligns mind, body, and soul: Consider spending time solo, and doing something soul-soothing, like meditating or reading.


The meteoric shake-up could occur in how you connect with others, Taurus. Questions of home and your family of origin, however you define those, are on the horizon, says Lang. And you could experience an adjustment in the role you play in your relationships with loved ones. Though the shift could feel jarring at first (you're a steadfast fixed sign, after all), you'll emerge from this more comfortable and assured in your position relative to others, says Hale.


The ways you communicate, converse, and share with the world will be on your mind, Gemini. "You could have a busy day interacting with other people and your inner mind could be stirred up," says Hale. But by nightfall, you'll be craving some time to reflect. "Questions of how you can be a more conscious consumer and producer—not only of material goods or services, but of energy and relationships—will percolate," says Marmanides.


Insight could strike with regard to how you perceive your own value in matters of material importance, money, or work. In particular, there's an energetic emphasis on what you have to teach, says Marmanides, and something unexpected could change how your lesson is received for the better. "Be open to receiving more abundance in your life, monetary or otherwise," says Lang.


Your identity comes into play on this day, Leo, as the meteor shower emerges in the constellation of your sign. "You'll think about how you define yourself, both when everyone's watching and when no one is," says Marmanides. The question of how you want to be regarded, and what you might need to see, do, or experience to make that a reality could lead you to plan a trip or consider another way to expand your worldview.


An unexpected form of communication could arise for you, Virgo. The meteoric streak could shed light on new knowledge that's of use to you, perhaps through a dream or meditation, says Lang. And you could feel more open to changing, in some way, what you tend to give and take from the world, says Marmanides. That could mean a shift in money matters or otherwise in what you owe others, or in what they owe you.


The meteoric flash ripples through your connection to community, Libra. Other people may seem to play front and center in your life on this day, says Hale. But while that could certainly add a new level of stress in one way or another, relying on your communication skills to find common ground will help. In fact, conversations with your friends and neighbors could reveal hidden gems, says Lang.


A career-related mix-up may be in the stars for you, Scorpio. "Someone may throw you a curveball in the workplace," says Hale, "but that's only to help you refocus and move forward in a different direction." To navigate this change, Lang recommends tapping into your natural sense of creativity, and not being too concerned with taking a path that might be consequentially different from the one you've been traveling.


You're craving a new kind of love and pleasure, Sagittarius. And this cosmic moment could be pushing you toward that—whether it means adopting a new passion, planning a future trip to somewhere you've never been, or embracing old friendships in a new way. "This meteor shower may bring the burst of faith and hope you didn't realize you needed in an otherwise intense month," says Lang.


The meteor-inspired change could happen more subtly for you, Capricorn, as it affects your general outlook and mindset. You're usually keen on clear methods and strong foundations, but there's a more spiritual influence that pulls you toward self-reflection on this day, says Lang. You could question whether your immediate surroundings really align with your larger hopes and dreams, as you come to terms with fact that the world is much bigger than work and regimentation, says Hale.


A shift in one or more of your close partnerships brings the topic of love to mind for you, Aquarius. You'll be pushed to confront yourself, and reconcile what you really need to be happy—before you can evaluate whether that's something that a current or potential partner can provide. "If questions about your love life remain, you could be inspired to divine answers through a modality like tarot or astrology," says Lang.


Your natural propensity to dream and to see the world as a space of infinite potential could make stargazing—and meteor-watching—particularly powerful for you, Pisces. And stepping out into nature could do wonders for how you feel physically, too, as the mind-body connection is what's really activated for you by this current meteor shower. "The sheer magic of it will fuel your sensitive soul," says Hale.

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