Meet the French-Girl-Approved Hair Accessory You’re About to See *Everywhere*

Photo: Instagram/@l.ericksontaiwan
When you imagine the chicest French hair styles, your mind might conjure images of screen sirens like Anna Karina, Catherine Deneuve, and Brigitte Bardot. When you think of contemporary French hairdressers, however, one name reigns supreme: David Mallett. The stylist is responsible for the effortlessly cool hair of French tastemakers like Charlotte Gainsbourg and Carla Bruni, to name a couple—so when he gets behind a trend, you should probably pay attention. His latest backing? Gold hair cuffs.

According to The Cut, Mallett has collaborated with Genevan jewelry designer Suzanne Syz on a collection of gold hair cuffs called les bagues de cheveux, AKA "hair rings"—essentially the antithesis to the soft and loose scrunchie, which recently made a serious style comeback. The hair accessory is simply a piece of metal attached to a regular elastic tie that hides under the hardware, so it's pretty much the perfect way to give your post-workout ponytail a très chic sophisticated boost. But since the Mallett cuffs are $630 a piece (they are made of actual gold), I've rounded up a few that are less pricey ($5–$38) so you can take the French les bagues de cheveux for an IRL spin.

Check out the 7 affordable French-girl-inspired hair cuffs below.

If you're still into the scrunchie, this is where Ruth Bader Ginsberg gets hers and the luxe silk options that will be kind to your hair.

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