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13 Minimalist Clothing Brands That Make Getting Dressed a Piece of Cake

Zoe Weiner

Zoe WeinerJune 3, 2019

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Imagine opening up your closet to find a calming sea of neutrals, each of which you can pull off the hanger, pair with literally anything else in your wardrobe, and head out for the day. Such is the beauty of creating a minimalist wardrobe, which will not only keep you looking endlessly chic (peep the #minimalistoutfit hashtag on Instagram for inspo and proof), but will also shave significant time off of your morning routine. You know those cool-looking women who are always outfitted in some stunning combination of grey, black, white, and camel? Well, with the help of these minimalist clothing brands, that could be you.

The allure of a minimalist wardrobe comes in its simplicity. You know that every item in your wardrobe matches, and don’t have to stress about finding things that go together. Plus, just because getting dressed can be easy doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be boring. You can add a pop of color to your neutral palette by way of a scarf (a la leopard print, maybe?), or dress things up with some structured metal earrings.

Whether you have $10 to spend or $100, scroll through for 17 minimalist clothing brands to keep on your radar. And be prepared to never say “Ugh, I have nothing to wear” again.


For timeless pieces that will stay in your wardrobe forever, head over to COS. The brand offers the types structured, easy pieces you’ll actually want to put on every morning, and look damn stylish while doing it.


If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect sweater and jeans combo for the better part of the last decade, look no further than AYR. Top it off with one of their signature trench coats, and you’ll have a full look that will last you all year round.



Madewell’s selection of cozy tees and denim make it the perfect place to stock up on basics—after all, there’s a reason the brand’s motto is, “good days start with great jeans” ( so true, amiright?!). And don’t forget to grab a jean jacket, which you’ll want to wear with everything you own for the rest of the year.


Lou and Grey

Think of Lou and Grey as Ann Taylor’s more laid back little sister. The brand mixes style and comfort for a line full of pieces that you’ll be just as happy wearing to work as you would be snuggled up on the couch with a matcha latte and an episode of Friends.


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Cuyana’s motto is “fewer, better things,” which is essentially the ethos of minimalist dressing as a practice. You can find everything from tailored trousers to super-soft tank tops to easy slip dresses, and a line of simple leather accessories that go with everything.



Everlane’s got it all: Lingerie, sneakers, and the coziest cashmere your body has ever felt…for the price of your choosing (yup). Plus, there are approximately infinity ways to style their latest line of jumpsuits, which means you can wear the same piece pretty much everywhere you need to go for the rest of the year.



Think of Lunya’s line as “pajamas you can also wear to work.” While it’s technically a sleepwear brand (don’t @ me), if you pair the pieces with other minimalist items like jeans or black pencil trousers, you’ll wind up with a look that’s totally desk appropriate. And for what it’s worth, their leggings are the only thing you’ll want to wear to yoga, and then to brunch, and then…for the rest of your life.



The principle behind Vetta is so simple, it almost makes every other minimalist clothing brand look complicated (though I can assure you—they are not). The brand sells a five piece “capsule collections”  with the idea that every item can be worn together to create 30 different outfits. If you just can’t with the decision fatigue of getting dress, this might just be the wardrobe investment you need. You can also buy the pieces individually, so you can mix and match ’em with what you’ve already got. 

Universal Standard

Universal Standard’s “size-inclusive basics,” range from size 00 to 40, which means that everyone can shop the basics-based collection. You’ll find everything from workwear to activewear, plus a brand mission that wholeheartedly proves that style has no size.



An oldie but goodie, Theory was doing the whole “minimalist wardrobe” thing long before Instagram made it cool. It’s the perfect place to shop for staples that will last you through every stage of your life, and then some. Case in point: I still wear the Theory blazer my mom passed down from when she was my age, and lemme say—it looks great.



For “seasonless staples that last,” Aday has got you covered. The brand has clothing that will get you through a day in your life, AKA running to from the gym to work to dinner to a date.

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Mijeong Park 

Nobody quite gets “minimalist style” (or style in general, really) like the women in Tokyo, and Mijeong Park is proof. With oversized tops, wide-leg pants, and ankle-length dresses that are just as comfortable as a pair of yoga pants, you’ll have a hard time leaving the brand’s website without something en route to your doorstep.



For basics that will make you look like you belong on the runway, but won’t break the bank, head on over to Mango. The Spanish brand has the latest and greatest in trends, and is a great source for anyone looking to buy minimalist clothing and also, maybe, a bright floral skirt or dress.

If you need shoes to compliment your new minimalist way of life, try a pair of these sneakers, which are so comfortable they’ll make getting your daily 10,000 steps (or, ok, 7,500, which is all you actually need) in feel like a no brainer. 

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