3 Rituals You Need to Try If You’re Not a Morning Person

If you’re one of those people who pops out of bed perfectly energized, we applaud you. For the rest of us, blaring iPhone alarms are still a daily (vibes-crushing) reality.

Consider our latest My Morning Routine video your a.m. intervention. From high-vibe rituals to the perfect protein-packed breakfast, Breakfast Criminals’ Ksenia Avdulova is showing us how it’s done.

The buzzy breakfast guru (known for her heart-shaped smoothie bowls) has traveled the world in search of the most powerful way to start the day, so you can trust she’s come up with some pretty legit stuff (sage and oil pulling included).

Plus, snag the recipe for her chocolate peanut butter acai bowl featuring Amazing Grass Protein Superfood for an added boost of protein, fruits, and nutritious veggies.

Click here to watch the video, and get ready to revolutionize your morning routine.

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