How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Non-Toxic, Plant-Filled Oasis—From Your Mattress to Your Succulents

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Your bedroom doubles as your office on WFH days, and your comfy pillow top is your fave spot to curl up with a good book (or '90s sitcom marathon) on weekends.

In other words, you do a whole lot of living in your bedroom—and yet, it might be one spot you haven't thought to detox (fume-free pedicures on your bed count—but that's not exactly the full picture).

If you’re looking to upgrade your Zen den to a purified sanctuary, step one is swapping your mattress. And Avocado Green Mattress®, the natural mattress brand that launched in 2016, is filling the non-toxic niche with sleeping-on-air level feels and no industrial-strength synthetics.

Every Avocado Mattress is handmade to order in California using natural and eco-friendly materials like sustainably harvested latex, New Zealand wool, certified organic cotton, and recycled steel for the supportive inner-spring unit. But what's really impressive is what the cloud-like bed is made without: petroleum-based foam, chemical flame retardants, and glues that are found in many conventional versions. It also won't cost you a lifetime's worth of yoga classes—so once you clean up the number-one place you spend your time, you can start remaking your whole pad.

Scroll down for more reasons why a non-toxic bed is a big deal, and shop our picks for simple ways to green up your sleep oasis.

Avocado Green Mattress

Let's be honest: When you think about detoxing your everyday routine, clean makeup swaps are a little more top of mind than replacing the mattress you've had since your first post-college apartment.

But considering that you could be exposed to chemical odors and skin-irritating dyes from your generic sleep pad, it's actually a big deal. Avocado Mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL Environment—which means they meet rigorous standards for chemical emissions—and were rated the number one mattress (across all categories!) by Consumer Reports in 2018.

And if you had X-ray vision, you'd see the inside consists of supportive/heat-wicking/anti-microbial natural latex foam made with sustainably harvested pure rubber sap (tellingly, they've got 1,700-plus five-star ratings to back up the comfort). Each one is made on demand to reduce waste, and there's also a vegan mattress crafted with premium, certified organic cotton instead of wool.

While you're at it, pick up the non-toxic bedroom essentials below to turn up the relaxed, airy vibes of your room with clean-burning candles, down-to-earth planters, and air-purifying greenery.

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Top photo: Stocksy/LUMINA. Photo: Avocado Green Mattress®

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