This New Outdoor Voices X Allbirds Kit Is the Season’s Coziest Activewear Collab

Photos: Outdoor Voices

Every week it seems like another pair of cool activewear brands teams up to make a play for your paycheck: Bandier x Kule, Alala x Y7, SoulCycle x Public School. This week, it's Outdoor Voices and Allbirds, who're combining their decidedly laid-back vibes into a capsule collection that's perfect for #doingthings like taking a leisurely weekend trip to the farmer's market after your Pilates class.

Technically, the inspo for the collab was a little-known form of fitness called "jogwalking." The term refers to a pace that's faster than a stroll, but slower than an actual run (i.e. the pace you might see track suit-clad mall walkers clocking). In this case, that translates into casual cool basics, like crewneck T-shirts, OV's signature tri-color leggings, and Allbirds' wool-blend trainers, which are being sold in kits for $220 starting today. A men's version is also available, with shorts instead of tights, for $195, and you can buy the apparel sans sneakers for $125 (women's) or $100 (men's). In case your preferred form of fitness is decidedly more intense, the technical apparel can also be worn for pretty much any workout—the sneakers, though, are strictly lifestyle.

Unlike, say, SoulCycle and Public School, this isn't a case where opposites attract, but rather a pairing that seems so obvious given each brand's innate aesthetics that the first time you hear they've decided to work together, your gut reaction is: duh. That pretty much sums up they way OV founder Tyler Haney felt, too. "I met Tim [Brown] and Joey [Zwillinger], [co-founders of Allbirds], a few years ago, and we bonded over a shared passion for material," she says. In the case of this collab, that'd be heathered fabrics (wool-blend for sneakers, OV's traditional performance weave for clothing) in blue and gray tones that are silky soft to the touch.  Maybe it's to give the Jogwalkers Club a modern (non-mall) update?

Scroll down for a first look at the new Outdoor Voices x Allbirds collab.



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