Outdoor Voices’ Exercise Dress—You Know, The One That *Never* Goes On Sale—Is On Sale for Black Friday

Photo: Courtesy Outdoor Voices / W+G Creative
Sometimes you come across that one piece of clothing that you never want to take off. A rare find that's equally flattering and comfortable. That, my friends, is Outdoor Voices' beloved Exercise Dress: a staple the brand is the first to admit is normally way too popular to go on sale. But we're all blessed—because it's now 10 percent off. (Aka don't wait another second to tap "add to cart.")

So, what's the big deal with the famous OV exercise dress, anyway? Well, it's a Well+Good editor favorite for many reasons. First of all, it's quite possibly the most freeing way to work out—somewhere between wearing a bodysuit and being totally naked. Because of its lightweight, breathable, stretchy, and sweat-wicking fabric, you also never feel hot and sticky—even after your favorite HIIT class.

While it can keep you feeling breezing during even the sweatiest workouts, this dress comes with another perk: Its versatility allows you to wear it beyond your workouts. During the winter months, pair it with a cardigan or sweater for a comfy WFH staple. And in the spring, summer, and early fall, you put on your white sneakers and throw on a jean jacket for the perfect coffee-run, grocery shopping, and/or dog-walking outfit.

At this point, you can probably agree that the non-sale price is still quite a deal. But the fact that it's only $90 at the moment is all the more reason to stock up on as many colors as you can get your hands on before they sell out once again.

Don't miss out on the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress sale

1. The Exercise Dress in Black, $90

ov exercise dress

You can't go wrong with a classic black exercise dress that goes with everything.

Shop now: The Exercise Dress in Black, $90

2. The Exercise Dress in Navy, $90

If you're a fan of basics, this blue dress is a must-have, too.

Shop now: The Exercise Dress in Navy, $90

3. The Exercise Dress in Evergreen, $90

This evergreen dress comes with the added bonus of letting you match all your plants, and who doesn't want that?

Shop now: The Exercise Dress in Evergreen, $90

4. The Exercise Dress in Snow Leopard, $90

Sometimes it's fun to switch things up, and that's where this bold snow leopard pattern comes in.

Shop now: The Exercise Dress in Snow Leopard, $90

5. The Exercise Dress in Scarlet, $90

How can you not feel like a million bucks in a bright red dress? Especially one that fits this good.

Shop now: The Exercise Dress in Scarlet, $90

6. The Exercise Dress in Hot Sauce, $90

This is essentially a mood-boost in dress-form. Once you put it on, it's hard not to feel happier.

Shop now: The Exercise Dress in Hot Sauce, $90

Now that you've taken advantage of the OV exercise dress sale, wear it during this workout:

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