Travel Secrets of a Master Soulcycle Instructor

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Ask a star fitness trainer how she packs for a wellness retreat and you're likely to hear a well-thought-out way to pare down an entire gym into a single suitcase (resistance bands! free weights! a foldable yoga mat!). Charlee Atkins—SoulCycle master trainer, Le Stretch and Le Sweat founder, and the co-host of Well+Good's first wellness retreat (which is almost T-minus one week away, BTW)—is no different.

While you already know about her affinity for compression socks (which she says "boost circulation, which is very important for me particularly, since I tend to be pretty physically active as soon as my feet hit the ground at the airport"), the other goods she's bringing to the Well+Good getaway in Palm Springs, CA, are equally intentional and important to her workouts. Here's what Atkins is packing for our first-ever wellness retreat.

How Charlee Atkins packs
Photo: Well+Good Creative

This is what you'll find in Atkins' bag:

1. Le Sweat Top, $30. "I love repping my 'Working on Working Out' tank because it always gets a few looks, maybe some chuckles, and a comment or two," Atkins says. "Nothing like sharing a smile with a stranger."

2. Gentle Monster Finn Sunglasses, $215. "These are my favorite sunglasses ,and everybody loves them too," Atkins says. "Every time I wear them I always have people DM me about who makes them."

3. Lacrosse Ball, $6. "Everyone on the retreat is getting one," she says of the ball which is used to help massage the nooks and crannies of the body. "I take it back to the sport with this Champion NCAA game ball."

4. SoulCycle x Ultracor Skull Legging, $185. "I love these black on black leggings because they’re stylish, they fit well, and if we’re being truly honest, I totally dig the built in underwear," she say. "One less thing to pack!"

5. Nike Pro Classic Swoosh Sports Bra, $30. "My favorite sports bras are the classic Nike ones," Atkins says. "These bras are good for the 'lighter' chested. They’re easy, breezy, and above all functional."

6. Tevas, $50. "The former Coloradoan in me loves these," she says. "They're easy to slip on and off, and my favorite thing is that they're functional."

7. Adidas Ultraboost Shoes, $180. "First of all, these functional (good to run and move in) and the bonus is fashionable."

8. Fjallraven Kanken Mini, $70. "I put a bag in my bag. It fits my iPad, my travel cosmetic bag, my lacrosse balls, and there are pockets for my wallet, passport," Atkins says. "This is my favorite bag to take the beach, to take on a hike, to go shopping in."

There's still time left to book! Email to snag one of the final spots at our Well+Good Retreat.


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