The Latest Way to Get Your Turmeric Fix? With Your Skin-Care Products

Photo: Stocksy/Marti Sans
Question: How do you know when an it-ingredient has moved from a beloved item with a cult following to a mainstream hit? Answer: When it becomes difficult to find ways you can't use it. Take turmeric: The buzzy spice has ascended to Superfood Hall of Fame heights not only due to its unique ability to combat inflammation but also because because of its versatility. You can cook with it as well as make lattes and smoothies—and it slays outside the kitchen too as a teeth whitener and the star element of DIY skin-enhancing remedies.

And just like a certain superfood that gained heavy popularity before it (matcha), the stuff has become so ubiquitous that it's starting to appear in skin-care products, which honestly makes sense considering its reputation for gifting a glow folks who swear by it. Here are the anti-inflammatory serums, masks, and oils that you can bask in, turmeric Moscow mule in hand.

Get your glow on with the 10 products below, starring turmeric.

Before you get your hands on the stuff, here's what it will and will not stain and a refresher course on how much turmeric you should actually be taking.

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