This Nail Salon Is Now Offering Vitamin Drips Straight From the Pedicure Chair

Photo: Bellacures
In case you're new to the idea of getting your vitamin fix via IV drip, some parts of the country have adopted the practice as a wellnessy way of fast-tracking nutrients into the bloodstream—for beauty and health benefits galore. No surprise here, California-based businesses are among those leading the charge. And today, Bellacures (a full-service nail salon with locations in California and Texas) just took the whole operation one step farther by partnering with the I.V. Doc (a national chain specializing in the in the offering) to offer pedicures in tandem with vitamin drips at California's Bellacures locations.

According to a press release, the service—which is called the "Dr. Detox" Pedi"—combines several wellness darlings, including activated charcoal scrubs and drinks, acupressure, IV hydration therapy, and (yes) a pedicure ($270 with the IV, or $70 without). Of course, you can opt out of any part of the process that isn't quite your speed (consuming activated charcoal is certainly not for everyone). But if you go for the whole shebang, you'll start with a charcoal and sea salt soak "to draw out impurities," and an activated charcoal scrub to stimulate circulation. Then, you'll get an acupressure foot massage (aaah), a pedicure, and an optional Pressed Juicery Charcoal Detox Shot.

If you do choose to pay the extra $200 for the IV drip, you'll first be screened by a licensed doctor to see what vitamin combo suits your current needs and then a registered nurse will administer the drip. "The primary benefit of IV treatments can be summed up in one word: balance. Our bodies are constantly striving to find peak physical and hormonal balance and our customized vitamin cocktails provide a streamlined path to achieve that," says Adam Nadelson, MD, CEO of The I.V. Doc. One "cocktail" example is the company's "Antioxidant Therapy" shot, which combines Vitamin C and other multivitamins that the I.V. Doc says protect your body from free radicals. So if you're looking for a way to feel great from head-to-toe, here you go.

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