As OGs on the healthy-living scene, Well+Good and Athleta have had a front-row seat to the wellness explosion. It’s moved beyond just fitness and green juice to become a holistic, 360-degree way of life—extending from self care and the mind-body connection into your careers and communities.

That wellness-focused way of life can be confusing, not to mention time-consuming. Which is why we teamed up to bring you the actionable, useful, and realistic advice that’s actually worth your attention.

And that’s where the experts come in. At monthly events at Athleta’s New York City flagship, we’re bringing you up close and personal with the smartest women in wellness to delve into specific ways you can fuel not only your active life, but also your career, nutrition, self care, and even bank account.

From there, you can get the scoop right here, where we’ll be sharing genius-yet-simple curriculums across four wellness pillars: self care, mind + body, career + finance, and community from our #WellnessCollective women. Come for the advice, stay for the community.

Welcome to Wellness Collective.