The most in-the-know women spearheading the conversation on what wellness means in 2019. As nutritionists, CEOs, life coaches, self-care experts, and beyond, they’re sharing their master insights with us at events and on-site throughout the year so we can all unlock the secrets to living a well life, together.

CYNDI RAMIREZ-FULTON |  Founder of Chillhouse
DIY Plant-Rich Facial Oils

A serial entrepreneur, Cyndi found her true passion through her self-care-fueled enterprise Chillhouse, which slings wellness tonics and non-toxic manis to New York City’s wellness obsessives. The one-stop-wellness shop also offers a full slate of beauty and wellness goods from botanical facial oils to candles.

WENDY LOPEZ | RD, Co-Founder of Food Heaven Made Easy
Intuitive Eating Workshop

Wendy Lopez is a registered dietitian based in New York. After recognizing poor diet habits and chronic illness amongst her family she realized that food and nutrition could be used to help heal common ailments. She is currently the clinical outpatient dietitian at Open Door Family Medical Center in Port Chester, NY.

DIY Plant-Based Face Masks

Trinity’s taken the knowledge she’s learned through launching Golde—a turmeric tonic blend available at Madewell and on Goop—and started a platform through her Instagram account about radical transparency around creative entrepreneurship.

Jade Rolling Workshop

A graduate of New York University’s Stern School of Business, Stephanie is a natural-beauty obsessive that’s built up a devoted following initially by documenting her passion on her site Collection of Vials. From there, she launched Mount Lai—a jade roller and gua sha brand made from stones like rose quartz and amethyst and available at Sephora and shipped worldwide—to honor the Chinese skin-care tools she learned about from her grandmother.

ALLIE COMPTON| Esthetician and makeup artist at Credo Beauty
Clean Makeup Tutorial

As an esthetician and makeup artist for Credo Beauty, Allie is centered on all things good-for-you beauty, helping women build skin-care and makeup routines that not only look beautiful, but that are also good for the planet.

RACHEL DRORI| Founder of Daily Harvest
How To Make Food Self Care Workshop

Fueled by her hanger, Rachel Drori created Daily Harvest—a chef-crafted food delivery service that relies only on organic fruits and veggies—to fulfill the need of good, wholesome food for people with busy schedules (so, everyone).

NICOLE JARDIM| Certified Women’s Health Coach
Discussion on Hormones and Your Period

Nicole Jardim, AKA The Period Girl, is a certified women’s health coach, who’s on a mission to help women take control of their hormonal health and ultimately lead them to living healthier and happier lives—one (better) period at a time.

SHANI HILLIAN| Holistic Esthetician
Winter Skin-Care Routine Workshop

Shani Hillian is a holistic esthetician and wellness writer, whose mission is to educate and create awareness around wellness and helping others adopt a holistic way of living in an easy, accessible way.

SUMMER RAYNE OAKES| Environmental Scientist and Author
Sustainability In Self Care Workshop

With a degree in Environmental Science and Entomology, Summer Rayne utilizes her passion to infuse sustainability within the fashion, food, and agricultural industries. 

BRITTANY HUDSON| Makeup Artist and Ambassador for Beautycounter
Clean Beauty Workshop

 Brittany Hudson is a makeup artist at Beautycounter—a clean beauty brand with a mission to make all beauty good for you through only using safe ingredients and advocating and educating the public on clean skin care and makeup.

VANESSA CHU | Co-Founder of Stretch*d
Stretch Session

As a lifelong athlete and certified yoga instructor, Vanessa has been part of the wellness scene for nearly her entire life. After receiving her MBA from Columbia and working in investment banking and management, she realized how integral a good stretch is in operating at your highest potential, no matter what career you’re in.

MIA RIGDEN |  Nutrition Coach, Holistic Chef + Founder of RASA
Plant-Forward Nutrition

With her background as a classically trained chef (she holds a degree from The French Culinary Institute) and nutrition chops (she’s a licensed holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition), Mia is quickly gaining a rep as the healthy it-chef to know in the New York City wellness scene.


BETH COOKE | Celebrity Yoga Instructor
Solstice-Inspired Yoga

Beth Cooke is a yoga teacher based in New York City. Her goal is to help her students feel more grounded in their truth and more accepting of their authentic selves.

SARA AUSTER | Sound Therapist, Meditation Teacher + Artist
Nature-Inspired Sound Bath

Through her work in sound baths, meditation, community, and education, Sara continues to facilitate and inspire mindful experiences in an accessible manner, where participants can improve focus, support self-inquiry, boost creativity, and cultivate human connection.

ELINA TEBOUL | Founder of The LightUp Lab
Mindfulness in the Workplace Workshop

Elina Teboul is the founder of The LightUp Lab, which helps workplaces create an atmosphere of meaningful engagement through positive psychology, coaching, and mindfulness. 

LISSA BANKSTON| Director at Theragun
Physical Health Empowerment Session

As the human performance director at Theragun and a senior instructor with TRX Training, Lissa is more than well-versed within the world of fitness and works to empower other women in her space to take control of their physical health.

MAMA CAX| Model and Disabled Rights Activist
Movement and Empowerment Session

Mama Cax is a blogger, advocate, model, and motivational speaker who uses her platform to talk about body positivity and redefine what people with disabilities should be or should look like. 

KELSEY PATEL| Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor
Workout Session

Kelsey Patel is an LA-based reiki master, yoga instructor, and meditation teacher. She previously worked in the corporate world and felt major burnout, and now uses her large following across Instagram and her website to provide a variety of tools, resources, and workshops so that her followers can learn how to live a joy-filled life.  

HELEN PHELAN| Health and Wellness Coach
Workout Session

 With a background in classical dance, Helan found pilates through as a rehab method that requires movement, which then led her to becoming a private health and wellness coach and reiki master. Now, she inspires and helps people move with intention, create energy, and feel confident. 

NICOLE CARDOZA| Founder of Yoga Foster
Yoga Flow

Nicole is the founder and executive director of Yoga Foster, which is a nonprofit that brings yoga and mindfulness resources to the classroom. With her experience helping children—especially those experiencing depression or anxiety—she’s able to help them grow and learn in a safe setting.  

WEN-JAY YING |  Founder of Local Roots NYC
Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship

After reading about the decline of NYC Supermarkets Wen-Jay Ying decided to do something about it and joined the local food movement. She made her vision of connecting New Yorkers and local farmers a reality by founding Local Roots, a farm to table subscription service.

AMY ODELL | Well+Good Career Columnist
Career Advice Debunked

Amy is the former editor of, which became one of the most popular and award-winning sites for millennial women during her tenure, as well as a founding voice on New York magazine’s The Cut. She is passionate about mentoring people starting off in their careers, and currently stars as Well+Good’s career columnist in the advice series Good@Work, answering the tricky on-the-job questions women are facing in real time.


JENNIFER RACIOPPI | Success Coach + Astrologer
Building Your Career with Astrology

Jennifer is an astrologer, certified health Coach, and registered yoga teacher. Her expertise is in business and women’s health, coaching women entrepreneurs to help them reach their next level of success, informed by her astrology practice.

ALEXA EDEN | Urban Wellness Consultant
Urban Wellness Deep Dive

Alexa is an urban wellness consultant based in NYC. She works closely with clients who are looking to make serious lifestyle and entrepreneurial changes by slowing down and connecting with nature. She offers one-on-one consultations and corporate training to help city-dwellers achieve their wellness goals through mindfully connecting with nature.

SALLIE KRAWCHECK | Founder and CEO of Ellevest
Controlling Your Finances Session

As the founder and CEO of Ellevest and years of experience at other well-esteemed investment firms, Sallie’s lifelong mission (after noticing an all-men atmosphere within investing) is to help women reach their financial and professional goals. 

MINDA HARTS | Founder of The Memo
Advocating for Yourself Workshop

Minda Harts is the founder of The Memo—a career development company that facilitates women of color in the workplace—as well as an author, whose passion it is to help women of color reach their goals at work.

SHANNON MCLAY | Founder of The Financial Gym
Understanding Your Finances Workshop

After spending years working for big financial firms, Shannon McLay wanted to develop a company that cares for its clients, so she founded the Financial Gym—a financial planning company that uses a fitness-like approach to helping you take control of your finances.

CLAIRE WASSERMAN | Founder of Ladies Get Paid
Gender Wage Gap Workshop

Founder and CEO of Ladies Get Paid, Claire Wasserman’s mission is to help women advocate for themselves in the workplace and to bridge the gender wage gap in this country through a massive online network and monthly events.   

SINEAD BOVELL | Founder of WAYE Talks
Entrepreneurship Workshop

Founder of WAYE Talks, monthly events where young entrepreneurs earn front-row access to business and technology experts around the globe. Sinead has influenced over 10,000 young people so far in her career, and continues to push the limits on entrepreneurship. 

BOLA SOKUNBI | CEO and Founder of Clever Girl Finance
How to Build Your Finances Session

Bola Sokunbi is a certified financial education instructor and best-selling author, who is the CEO and founder of Clever Girl Finance, which helps people get rid of debt, save money, and build up their wealth. 

CHRISTAN SUMMERS | CEO + Co Founder of Tula
Community Through Greenery

Launched as a solution to the growing need of greenery within New York City, Christan (along with her partner) created Tula, a greenhouse showroom in Brooklyn that sells plants, handmade planters, and accessories. Within its first year of business, Tula garnered international recognition from well-known retailers and media platforms.

ELISA SHANKLE | Co-Founder of HealHaus
Community Intention Setting

Elisa wove her love for design (she holds an interior design degree from Pratt Institute) together with her passion for holistic healing to create HealHaus, a cafe and wellness sanctuary in Brooklyn serving an inclusive and diverse community.


ASHLEY HECKLER | Owner of Uprooted Flower Truck
Build Your Own Bouquet

While working at a flower shop in NYC Ashley came up with the idea for a Flower Truck to make beauty more accessible to the community at large. With her wife and now business partner, she created Uprooted Flower Truck in January 2015 with a mission to bring light to people’s lives and make high quality flowers more affordable.

JENNIFER WALSH |  Founder of Walks with Walsh
Crystal Workshop

Beauty expert and entrepreneur Jennifer Walsh is on a mission to help reconnect people with nature. What began as a new wellness hobby, taking walks in Central Park with friends, she turned into a video series called Walks with Walsh. Jennifer now hosts teams on wellness walks in Central Park helping people fully experience nature therapy in one of the world’s most iconic locations

CHRISTAN SUMMERS |  Founder of Tula

Christan is a self-taught horticulturist with an MBA, who founded Tula—the one-stop show for city-dwellers to find their perfect plant and learn how to care, plan, and grow it. 

ELISA SHANKLE|  Founder of HealHaus

In addition to running a successful design business, Elisa Shankle delved into her spiritual practices and overall holistic lifestyle to create HealHaus—an inclusive, safe space for anyone and everyone to access real wellness without any judgements. 

ASHLEY HECKLER|  Founder of Uprooted

Bio: With a passion for flowers (And the joy and comfort they bring people), Ashley is the founder of Uprooted, where she provides fresh greenery to city residents. residents.


On top of being a certified personal development coach, Ellie Burrows Gluck is the CEO of MNDFL—a New York-based meditation company that includes studio classes, on-demand streaming services, and corporate programming. 


Co-founder of HER USA, a community of women who foster relationships and vulnerability to bring together various women in order to learn and grow from one another through monthly events and dinners. 

AMY YI|  Cher OF Westbourne

Amy Yi is the chef at Westbourne, an LA-inspired restaurant in New York that gives back to the community by partnering with the Door, which offers youth-development services and hands-on training for people within the neighborhood, so that they can then earn jobs.

LIA AVELLINO|  Director of Head and Heart at the Well 

Bio: As the director of Head and Heart of The Well, Lia aims to make therapeutic services more accessible. She’s worked with children families, couples, and groups to provide therapeutic care, and also has developed support circles for modern love at The Wing.

BRIGITTE ZEITLIN|  Registered Dietician

Bio: As a registered dietician, it’s Brigittes passion to bring nutritional education to her followers and clients, and to show them how to make a healthy life fit within their current life demands.