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Cheat Sheet: Psst … everything you need to know about gut health

cheat_sheet_gut_healthGut health doesn’t sound very sexy. But it’s become a hot topic in the past few years—with nutritionists, forward-thinking MDs, and journalists all weighing in on its importance for your overall health.

That’s right, it turns out your belly is a much bigger deal than you thought. Here are seven must-read stories that will point you down a path of perfect gut health.

1. Why fiber may trump everything else when it comes to gut health
Our gut microbes feed off fiber, and recent research shows that skimping on it is impacting our microbiomes—big time.

2. Is your (sluggish) digestion undermining your health?
It’s not all about probiotics. If you’re battling belly bloat, low energy, and skin issues, one expert says a lack of sufficient digestive enzymes could be to blame.

3. 4 delicious ways to drink to your (gut) health
These probiotic-rich drinks will give your morning smoothie routine a major gut-healing upgrade.

4. Why healthy hipsters love this gut-friendly fermented drink
Put down the kombucha (at least for a minute). There’s a new trendy fermented beverage on the wellness scene, and it’s called switchel.

5. 6 cool ways to use miso, the fermented superfood you may be overlooking
The soybean paste often gets upstaged by kimchi or sauerkraut—but it’s easy, delicious, and great for your gut.

6. Meet the millions of tiny organisms that call you home
Don’t get all itchy. The bacteria you carry with you (and on you) may hold the keys to your health.

7. 8 surprising good-for-your gut superfoods you should be eating
You’ve been eating fermented foods for their probiotic properties, but what about their prebiotic cousins, which feed the healthy bacteria you’ve already got?

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Originally published August 29, 2013; updated January 21, 2016. (Photo: Unsplash)