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London LuluDespite its scandal-plagued year stateside, Lululemon is expanding its inter-continental reach this spring, with the opening of its first store in Europe.

The mega fitness fashion brand will open in Covent Garden in London on March 28, and while it already operates a few small “showrooms,” this will be its first full retail store in the city.

Brits, who are increasingly showing up for boutique cycling and yoga sessions, are ready for it, says Lulu’s Amanda Casgar, an American, who’s been across the pond getting it set up and hosting buzz-building, outsize yoga events.

“There is an incredible yoga and fitness scene in London and it continues to expand,” she says. “Londoners are so used to the mercurial weather, that they exercise outdoors all year long. The amount of people who cycle and run to work is staggering. Beyond that, all of the things we take for granted in New York, like chia seed pudding, cold-pressed green juice, and conversations about alkaline foods, are also taking root.”

Local ambassadors will include Barry’s Bootcamp’s Faisal Abdal, The Third Space’s Ally Gray, and a slew of yogis, like The Rocket Club Yoga’s Marcus Veda. And the store will include “unique finishing touches and design features that will resonate with the local guest,” Casgar adds. Like filtered water that comes out of a bar tap. Although we suspect guests might be disappointed by the clear liquid filling their cup, even if they are buying yoga pants. —Lisa Elaine Held