Here’s the Real Significance of Angel Number 4321, According to a Numerologist

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In any other year, a date like April 3 would hardly raise an eyebrow. Like, "Happy 48 Hours Past April Fools' Day," I guess. But in 2021, April 3 reveals an important yet oft-overlooked angel number: If you write down the date, it’s 4/3/21, or 4321. Angel numbers are essentially joyful, divine messages. You might be familiar with the ultra popular get-lucky number 1111 or even the reverse 1234. But what about 4321’s meaning? Aside from sounding cool, what’s does this cosmic combination have to offer? Well, the meaning of 4321 encourages you to think about counting down to a new beginning.

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According to numerologist Josh Siegel, the famed Greek philosopher Pythagoras taught that all creation came into being via the first four numbers: 1, 2, 3, and 4. Broken down, 1 has to do with unity, 2 represents duality, 3 symbolizes harmony, and 4 is manifestation. Whether you read it backward or forward, the combination is absolutely potent.

"If these four numbers are added together they equal 10, a number of perfection or higher order," says Siegel. "To symbolize the sacred four, a mystical diagram was created called the 'Tetractys' consisting of 10 dots arranged in four rows with the first containing one dot, the second two, the third three, and the fourth four. This symbol was held so sacred that Pythagoras’s students took their oaths upon it. It was believed to hold the secrets of the entire cosmos."

As it would turn out, 4321 is the reverse order of what Pythagoras taught on how life came into being. It's like a back-to-basics number, a return to the cosmic source of where we all come from. "I suppose you could say it is the path to divine perfection, our way back home to the spiritual essence of all things, to the origin of our souls," Siegel says.

With that in mind, Siegel says that 4/3/21 actually has different meanings as a date in time. Since all mystic numbers are represented here, we can all remind ourselves that whatever challenges our earthly lives are going through, it's all just temporary. This moment we're struggling in is part of something larger, the divine whole. Having that connection to each other and this larger power can provide inspiration and support. That's a positive message as we move towards a vaccinated nation and a world order that's less fearful and quarantined. 4... 3... 2... 1... lift off to a new collective beginning!

On the other hand, the date can also be added up as 4 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1, which equals [checks phone calculator] 12. And 12 can be added down to three, which would be written as 12/3 in numerology.

"This important number signifies a change of perspective or a reevaluation followed by a new way of being," says Siegel. "The three aspect is the power of the voice and expression. It could be a time when part of society could speak out from their convictions. It could spark a reversal of some sort in others."

If we look at 4/3/21 in that lens, we can consider it a powerful day to speak your truth. Try to get in touch with your most genuine self—especially, if that person has been lost in this pandemic. As we're coming out the other side, we have the opportunity to define or redefine our beliefs, our image, and our purpose. April 3 is the perfect day to seize that fresh start energy.

"A great way of using that influence is to post something authentic to your social media, or challenge yourself to speak up for a cause, even if others may not get it," says Siegel. "Another way is to get something off your chest with a friend or get that writing project going. And don’t be afraid to change your mind and reevaluate. There’s too much stubbornness of opinion in this world these days, so let your intuition guide you regardless of what others might think."

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