The Angel Number 4321 Is Helping You Let Go and Reclaim Your Power

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When you think of angel numbers, sequences like 222 or 1111 probably come to mind. Angel numbers that have a repeated pattern are recognizable in the mainstream, but per numerology, these special numbers don’t necessarily have to take this form—successions of digits like 4321, are as much of an angel number as the ones popularized on places like TikTok. In the case of the meaning of angel number 4321, it’s all about stepping out of things you’ve outgrown—and into your personal power.

In numerology, every number possesses its own special energy, and angel numbers, or a repeated sequence of numbers, infuse these energies to curate a message from the universe. In order to understand the angel number 4321, it helps to get to know the energies of the individual digits. According to numerologist Josh Siegel, the famed Greek philosopher Pythagoras taught that all creation came into being via the first four numbers: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

"If these four numbers are added together they equal 10, a number of perfection or higher order." Josh Siegel, numerologist

Broken down, 1 has to do with unity, 2 represents duality, 3 symbolizes harmony, and 4 is manifestation. Whether you read it backward or forward, the combination is absolutely potent."If these four numbers are added together they equal 10, a number of perfection or higher order," says Siegel. "To symbolize the sacred four, a mystical diagram was created called the 'Tetractys' consisting of 10 dots arranged in four rows with the first containing one dot, the second two, the third three, and the fourth four. This symbol was held so sacred that Pythagoras’s students took their oaths upon it. It was believed to hold the secrets of the entire cosmos."

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So, how do these digits come together to create the energy of angel number 4321?

What is the meaning of angel number 4321?

As it would turn out, 4321 is the reverse order of what Pythagoras taught on how life came into being. In an esoteric sense, think of 4321 as a back-to-basics number—a return to the cosmic source of where we all come from. "I suppose you could say it is the path to divine perfection, our way back home to the spiritual essence of all things, to the origin of our souls," Siegel says.

Since all mystic numbers are represented here, we can all remind ourselves that whatever challenges our earthly lives are going through, it's all just temporary. This moment we're struggling in is part of something larger, the divine whole. Having that connection to each other and this larger power can provide inspiration and support.

Another way of looking at 4321, according to Siegel, is adding 4 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1, which equals [checks phone calculator] 12. And 12 can be added down to three, which would be written as 12/3 in numerology.

"This important number signifies a change of perspective or a reevaluation followed by a new way of being," says Siegel. "The three aspect is the power of the voice and expression. It could be a time when part of society could speak out from their convictions. It could spark a reversal of some sort in others." In other words, tensions may surface in the case of 4321, so take caution in evaluating the bigger picture when you catch a glimpse of this angel number, particularly on the date 12/3.

The shadow side of 4321

While 4321 adds up to a perfect number, there is, like most things in life, an adverse side to 4321. Because the presence of number 4 offers support of stability and resilience, this can indicate imbalances in your life in some form, or that there’s been a recent obstacle that’s been holding you back.

The number 2, on the other hand, is all about intuition and partnership, says astrologer and spiritual coach Danny Santos, adding that this can be a lesson in “learning to give and receive help, developing relationships that have interdependence which honors both partners in a loving and balanced way.” When the number 2 is involved, it can be a warning that part of the struggle will only continue to get deeper if you’re resisting support from others or hiding away from teamwork and collaboration.

“As the numbers in 4321 are descending, this number brings with it the mantra of ‘what really matters.”—Danny Santos, astrologer

On the other hand, Santos explains that the angel number 4321 could mean that there’s a need for reevaluation of what you deem valuable in your life. “As the numbers in 4321 are descending, this number brings with it the mantra of ‘what really matters,’” explains Santos. According to him, 4321 is a (sometimes bleak) reminder that on your own personal development and self-actualization, “not everyone or everything is going to be able to come with us on our journey, and sometimes we will have to edit ourselves down.”

What does 4321 mean for love and relationships?

Because the angel number 4321 is a sign of returning to oneself, in the case of love and relationships, it’s a reminder that, as Matt Kahn so famously outlined: “people can only meet others as deeply as they’ve met themselves,” explains Santos. In order for love to prosper, 4321 is telling you that it’ll take a concerted effort from both parties to do the inner work and find grace and patience within ourselves that this takes time—and trial. “The more loving we are to ourselves, the deeper we can love others,” says Santos.

When it comes to an existing relationship, whether that’s romantic or platonic, the number 4321 is a moment to evaluate your sense of boundaries and ultimately, a warning not to lose touch with yourself in these partnerships. “Whether it’s being part of a large group, like a family (4), dealing with a mother-in-law dynamic (3), dealing with your partner (2), or dealing with yourself (1), the common denominator is always you,” Santos breaks down. “The more you focus on your own growth and development, the further your relationships will flourish.”

What does 4321 mean for spirituality?

Self-actualization, says Santos, is a huge theme of the angel number 4321, and it can hint at spiritual significance, specifically, preparation and receiving energy. “It can be considered as a cosmic countdown if you will, and the descending sequence is preparing you for something incredible and transformative, but it will involve the shedding of layers,” says Santos, “This number certainly is a transitional number.” If there are forces in your life that you feel are getting to a place of spiritual healing, 4321 could be a message to let them go.

Regardless of where you are in your spiritual path, seeing the angel number 4321 reminds you that you have the power within yourself to make executive decisions in your life, even if it involves breaking things off or searching for support elsewhere. Remember, personal power plays a major role in 4321, and seeing the angel number could highlight instances of returning to a place of confidence and self-acceptance.

What does 4321 mean for money and career?

If money’s on your mind, seeing 4321 could be a powerful ally, helping you to simplify your finances, according to Santos. Just as the angel number is descending, so too can your finances if you aren’t being intentional about how you spend it. “Whether you’re generously helping others or simply spending too much, 4321 is a reminder that money doesn’t grow on trees and that if you’re going to sustain yourself, it’s important to develop strong financial hygiene,” Santos adds.

When it comes to your career, this can be a positive omen about aligning your material world and your spiritual self. The number 4 tends to be a stern, no-nonsense type of energy, while 1 is a nod to your independence. “Consider the 4 like being in 4th place and ending on the 1, as if ascending to 1st place,” says Santos.

What does the angel number 4321 mean for twin flames?

Where does the angel number 4321 fall in terms of fated relationships like twin flames? According to Santos, this can discern an intense energy and point of contention between the couple involved. “To see 4321 in this instance may reveal that there are other people involved in either twin’s life that are complicating the relationship,” says Santos, adding that one or both of the twins need to make sacrifices to the obstacles that are keeping them from transcending.

What to do if you keep seeing angel number 4321

It should be noted that while angel numbers can have their own special meaning, how it’s determined and applied to one's life is a case-by-case type of situation. What to do about seeing 4321 is contingent on your situation, life direction, and spiritual path. Generally, it’s a good idea that when you catch 4321, take a mental note of what you’re doing or thinking, or what’s happening around you.

With that in mind, if you keep seeing 4321 everywhere, there are a few things you could do. For one, Santos says to assess the mantra: what really matters? If you’re holding a heavy load of baggage, this may be a sign to relieve yourself from the burdens, bury the hatchet with someone, and make peace with a situation that’s been bogging you down. “Ask yourself if there’s an energy, situation, or attachment that you might be ready to let go of at the current moment,” says Santos.

Per Santos’ example, imagine you had an argument with a partner and you catch a glimpse of a mailbox with 4321 on it. “This could be a powerful reminder that the thing you’re fighting about may not be so important and instead you can choose to focus on what really matters most – having a loving and harmonious relationship,” he says.

How to harness the power of angel number 4321

Now that you have a better understanding of the meaning of 431, how can you use it to your advantage? Well, being that 4321 purports a strong inclination toward inner power, letting go, and self-actualization, initiating conversations or actions around these themes are a great way to harness the power of 4321.

With power at play with 4321, Siegel says the angel number could prompt you to be bold in your quest for expressing your authenticity and power, like using your influence to post something authentic on social media or speak out about a cause that you feel strongly about. "Another way is to get something off your chest with a friend or get that writing project going. And don’t be afraid to change your mind and reevaluate,” adds Siegel “There’s too much stubbornness of opinion in this world these days, so let your intuition guide you regardless of what others might think."

Plus, Santos notes the descending numbers remind you to keep things simple as you return back to the basics—whatever that means to you—and take things one step at a time. “Remember, you are being prepared for something big and powerful, and likely something you’ve been manifesting for a long time,” says Santos. What are you willing to let go of in order to embrace your genuine power?

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