Proof That You’re Never Too Old for the Best Part of Back-to-School Season

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Whenever I walk into a store and spot the back-to-school section, I can't help but do a quick walk-through. All those notebooks, backpacks, and pencil cases instantly give me a flashbacks to carefree days of being a kid. But why can't working adults get in on the fun every fall, too?

Sure, my days of rocking a Rugrats backpack and refusing to use anything but gel pens may be over, but that doesn't mean I can't harness that nostalgia and give my office supplies a refresh. You're never too old to enjoy the best part of back-to-school season, and these fun back-to-school supplies are proof.

The best back-to-school supplies for grown-ups

Photo: Matt & Nat

1. Matt & Nat Fabi backpack, $180

Adults need backpacks, too, and this eco-friendly pick made from recycled water bottles perfectly fits your laptop.

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2. Fringe hardcover 17-month planner, $29

You won't find a prettier planner to track your day-to-day with than this one.

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3. Eonmir pencil case pouches, $10 for 2

There's something so nostalgic about storing your office supplies in a pencil case. Plus, you'll never forget a pen at your desk ever again.

Photo: Carmel Concept

4. Carmel Concept professional padfolio with notebook, $22

Remember carrying around a big loaded binder to every class? This is basically the same thing, but for grown-ups.


5. mechanical pencil set, $10

Your 7-year-old self would be in awe of the seriously cool upgrade these mechanical pencils got.

Photo: DesignWorks Inc

6. DesignWorks Inc textured paper notebook, $16

Whether you're doodling your crush's name in hearts or taking notes at work, this notebook is a must-have.

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