Turn Your Fro-Yo Into a Beauty Boosting Dessert With Candice Kumai’s 3-Ingredient Recipe

Candice Kumai fro-yo recipe
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Total Time

2 minutes

Part of living your best #99daysofsummer life is getting a regular fix of delicious frozen treats. Whether you like them in the form of ketogenic fat bombs, avocado ice-cream, or spoonfuls of Halo Top, this is peak sweet treat season. Well+Good Wellness Council member and Kintusgi Wellness author Candice Kumai is all about it too, but of course, she likes hers brimming with benefits.

Here, she shares her super simple, three-ingredient recipe for a fro-yo full of beauty benefits. All that's in it are frozen berries, almond milk, and collagen. That's it. You dump the trio into a blender, power that baby up for 45 seconds, and done. "The key is not putting in too much almond milk, because you want it to be thick," Kumai says.

"I'm all about making over foods a lot of people consider 'bad.'"

As for that wildcard ingredient, collagen, Kumai loves it because it has a whole host of health benefits—especially for your skin. "This fro-yo makes me feel like a million bucks," she says. "I'm all about making over foods a lot of people consider 'bad' and whipping them up in a way that's full of good-for-you gains."

Ready to reap the benefits of this delicious summer treat? Scroll down for the recipe and to watch a one minute video to see how it's done.

Beauty-boosting Fro-yo

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  • Prep Time
    1 minute
  • Cook Time
    45 seconds
  • Servings


  • 2 cups frozen berries
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 4 Tbsp collagen


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