Need Weekend Plans? A Cult-Fave Clean Beauty Shop From Cali Is Opening in the Big Apple

Photo: The Detox Market
New York has become quite the hot spot for natural beauty boutiques. Joining the ranks of Credo Beauty, CAP Beauty, Shen, Heyday, and a cluster of others is the California-born shop The Detox Market, which is known for its extensive collection of non-toxic skin-care and makeup essentials.

Opening today is the clean beauty destination's seventh and largest location, nestled in New York's Soho with a convenient proximity to the city's shopping scene. And it's no subtle spot: The store takes up an entire brick artifice with large, arched storefront windows pulling in plenty of natural light, a second floor that's set for brands and influencers to host events or treatments, and a rooftop (lined with lush greenery), also for beauty happenings. It's safe to say they're quite excited.

"I always knew we wanted to be in New York, and in a very big way—not a small store," says Romain Guillard, CEO of The Detox Market. "Here you need to gather the community for clean beauty. I wanted a place big enough to host events and workshops, and where we can gather the wellness community in a meaningful way."

the detox market
Photo: The Detox Market

To kick off the excitement, the boutique is holding a week of "Detox" (perfect timing with New York Fashion Week) that hosts activations from a number of beauty brands, and involves everything from a lip reader (yes, really) via Kosas to a nail bar via the nail polish brand Kure Bazaar.

"I'm beyond excited to have found this place and have brands responded so positively," says Guillard. "The idea is to make it feel like a destination where you can host friends—I want this to be a flagship for the entire industry and for everyone to be able to use it."

Also in the works? Potentially a juice bar, and most likely a locale for facials upstairs. Either way, one thing's for sure: The world of clean beauty has just been upgraded.

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