This Waterproof, Shed-Proof Car Seat Cover Is a Must for Pet Parents, and It’s 30% Off for Prime Day

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By now, you're probably exhausted by the number of Amazon Prime Day sales media outlets and editors (cough cough, me) are shouting at you to buy. Luxury vacuums, smart toothbrushes, best-selling vibrators, beauty products—the deals are virtually boundless, and we really do think they're too good to pass up! But I get it—it's a lot.

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Hate to add another sale to your list, but listen up (really, listen up) because this one is simply too good not to tell you about—it's hands down the best purchase I've made all year. I'm saying that with my chest voice to anyone who will listen: The Urpower Car Seat Pet Cover ($31) is by far the single best thing I have bought in this year.  It's a lifesaver for pet parents, and it's 30 percent off for Prime Day.

Urpower, Car Seat Cover for Pets — $31.00

Originally $45, now $30

It’s drool-proof, scratch-proof, keeps the fur off your car seats and is 30 percent off—what more could you want?

You might be thinking, a *checks notes* car seat cover? Yes. A car seat cover. One specifically designed to keep your floor, seats, and windows protected from pet fur and drool. As a product writer, it is my job to review products, and I'm saying (once again, with my chest voice) that anyone who travels with pets should get this handy car seat cover pronto. You will not regret it.

Rather than waxing poetic about a silly little seat cover for pets, let me get straight to the point:

  • It stops fur in its tracks: I have two white dogs: A pointer, whose fur sheds like pine needles, and a border collie/lab mix, whose heavy down coat gets on everything. Between the two of them, the black interior of my car was once impossible to keep clean. Even the shortest jaunts to the grocery store or dog park resulted in the backseat getting covered in hair. Not anymore—the seat cover folds down over my bench seat and over the top of the front seats, keeping the interior fur-free. My vacuum has never loved me more.
  • It keeps my windows clean: Both pups love the windows, but the windows don't love them back. If they're not open wide enough for my dogs to dangle their heads out of, they'll slobber all over the glass leaving it covered in gross, wet streaks. This car seat cover prevents all of that mess with two connectable hooks, which you can put over the windows to protect the glass. You can still open them for airflow, but it protects your pups from pushing their snoots up against the glass. (And saves you big bucks on Windex.)
  • It keeps my dogs safe: Even when I put my dogs in the back seat, they'll end up in the front. It's not safe—you wouldn't want a child roaming around the car while it's moving, would you? Thanks to the cover's unique hammock design, it acts as a blockade to keep them from scooting up to shotgun. At most, they can peek their head over to say hi, but their bodies stay in place.
  • It *actually* stays in place: Speaking of staying in place... this thing doesn't move. I actually bought it because the old sheets and towels I was using beforehand constantly moved around whenever the dogs got in and out, leaving strips of fur and dander. But this thing has a number of anchors to stop it from squirming, including four adjustable headrest loops, two adjustable window flaps, and two seat anchors you stuff in between the seat cracks for extra support. It's so secure.

Did I mention it's waterproof (perfect for beach days and river trips when the dogs come back sopping wet), scratch-proof (no snags or pulls), and easy to clean? Because it's all that, too.

Whether you're planning a cross-country road trip with your pet or are just bringing them along on a quick cruise, the Urpower Dog Car Seat Cover will be your best friend. (Aside from your actual 4-legged best friend, of course.) Both sizes (the standard, for sedans/small SUVS, and the XL, for trucks), are on 30 percent off for Prime Day, as are the individual seat covers, trunk covers, and more. Get it here and see what all my fuss is about.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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