Your Favorite Minimalist Brand Is Officially Launching Eco-Friendly Swimwear and We Couldn’t Be More Excited

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With summer's glow on the horizon (with the fingers-crossed possibility that we might get to enjoy it), it feels like the right moment for a new bathing suit. Maybe you're searching for something classic with an innovative flair—you know, the kind of poolside charmer that doesn't have distracting patterns. If so you'll love this: back-to-basics brand Everlane just released its line of eco-friendly swimwear.

"We prioritize sourcing high-quality, beautiful and innovative renewed materials as part of our commitment to making products with a lower environmental impact and removing all virgin plastic from our supply chain," says Sonia Martin, VP of Design at Everlane. "When designing our first-ever swim collection, we focused on perfect fit and timeless design to look good—but the materials also had to do good."

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  • Sonia Martin, Sonia Martin is the VP of Design and Everlane.

That makes sense. I know we hate to think about it on beach days, but the ocean is literally stuffed to the gills with plastic. Like, at this rate we're looking to have more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. And many swimsuits are covertly made of plastics in the polyamide family (nylon, to be precise). As such, Everlane aimed to create eco-friendly swimwear made from 82 percent recycled nylon.

The brand did so by partnering with Aquafil, a manufacturer that transforms old fishing nets and plastic waste into a fiber  called Econyl that can be knitted into fabric. "There's something very satisfying about taking waste that pollutes the ocean and turning it into a timeless swimsuit," Martin says. "The entire collection is made from 13,768 pounds of recycled plastic, which is something we’re really proud of."

With 152 combinations to choose from, you're bound to find your new summer suit. Below, a few of the styles we're looking to add to cart.

Looking for eco-friendly swimwear? Everlane has you covered below:

1. The Square-Neck One Piece, $65

With a low scoop back and a streamlined silhouette, this maraschino-cherry red maillot gives total hot-lifeguard vibes.

Shop Now: The Square-Neck One Piece, $65

2. The Square-Neck Bikini Top, $45

There's an understated elegance to square necks, and I'm super into how fresh (but definitely not saccharine) this floral print looks with this cut.

Shop Now: The Square-Neck Bikini Top, $45

3. The High-Rise Hipster Bottom, $35

If you're one of the many who stocked up on high-rise everything over the last year (it's just more comfortable!) then that's probably going to extend to your swimwear. Love how our prayers are answered by this bottom, which is available in five different colorways.

Shop Now: The High-Rise Hipster Bottom, $35

4. The Tie-Front Bikini Top, $40

There's something flirty about about a front-tie bikini, and I'm personally partial to the Blue Dusk. I can definitely see this shade being seamlessly mix-and-match with some primary-colored bottoms.

Shop Now: The Tie-Front Bikini Top, $40

5. The Triangle Bikini Top, $40

What is summer without a yellow bikini? And this one isn't itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny because, ew, disgusting choice of words. It's supportive with that stabilizing bottom band, and it charmingly ties in the back.

Shop Now: The Triangle Bikini Top, $40

6. The Bikini Bottom, $30

It's totally appropriate to have a Bikini Bottom in a Spongebob color (actually this is called "Marigold," which I suppose is bit more grown-up). If that isn't your flex, there are six other shades you can choose from.

Shop Now: The Bikini Bottom, $30

7. The V-Neck One-Piece, $65

Finally, for those who want something super simple, we present the V-neck one-piece. It comes in a soft, muted shades like Herb, perfect for lake swims and imagining you're a water nymph.

Shop Now: The V-Neck One-Piece, $65

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