Second-Day Eyeliner Is My Fave, so I Found Out How to Recreate It on Day One

Photo: Getty Images/Maskot
I should preface this by saying that I really hate the Saturday night ritual of going (as the kids say) "out." As in: outside of my room, outside of a cozy coffee shop, outside of anywhere where the unspoken uniform isn't "sweat pants and leggings." I'd gladly ditch the weekly excursion altogether if it weren't for peer pressure, and the fact that I love the look of second-day eyeliner—the ever-so-thin black line that hangs on despite my tipsy makeup-removing efforts.

Come Sunday morning, the leftover pencil's barely-there-ness gives me that "no-makeup" makeup that's the subject of endless retweets. It also just feels more like me.  And now, with the help of Molly R. Stern, a celebrity makeup artist, I've learned the art of recreating the serendipitous eye adornment even when I make the executive decision to skip the Saturday night spectacle.

"I like using a felt-tipped liquid liner on the wet line of the top eye," Stern tells me. "It tends to give a perfect amount of longwear color and the wetness of the liner mixes perfectly with the eye moisture. The finished look has that excellently worn-in vibe." To trace inside the waterline, try making tiny dashes that build onto one another rather than one line (this will make the whole thing easier to achieve). If you're more of an eyeliner pencil kind of gal, however, she advises the same dash technique along the upper lid, followed by swiping a small brush with a dab of concealer across your bottom lash-line. This will cover up any fallen dust below while accentuating the pencil above.

Just like that: You've mastered the aesthetic illusion that says, "I've been dancing all night" and "I didn't get home until 2 a.m." and "I absolutely bought 99 cent pizza with my friends." Yes, all in a stroke of eyeliner.

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