Two Birds, One Drink: How to Support Women by Sipping Holiday-Season Cocktails

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Gender bias is certainly real, but women likely enjoy happy hour just as much as their guy friends. That's why it's infuriating to think about how the alcohol industry is so largely male-dominated—both in terms of who is working in it and who the products are being marketed to. It was literally a subplot in Netflix's Nappily Ever After. Well, ready to hear something more refreshing than an ice-cold Kombrewcha? Constellation Brands, a major wine, beer, and spirits company, is putting $100 million into female start-ups, primarily in the alcohol space.

The company—which owns Modelo, Svedka vodka, and High West whiskey, among other brands—hopes to usher in a change in the industry, that'll start to help level the playing field, gender-wise at least. "This program is designed to make meaningful investments in female-founded and female-led businesses doing disruptive and innovative work across beverage alcohol," Constellation Brands's chief growth officer Mallika Monteiro tells Nasdaq. "Broadening our focus on this critical demographic will drive incremental growth for our business, enhance our relevance, deepen our consumer knowledge base, and broaden our pipeline of ideas and talent."

Constellation is committed to doling out the money by 2028, and has already signed on its first two companies: Austin Cocktails and Vivify Beverages.

Constellation Brands, a major wine, beer, and spirits company, is putting $100 million into female-led start-ups, primarily in the alcohol space.

To help support women working in the alcohol space, check this out: Minibar Delivery co-founders Lindsey Andrews and Lara Crystal (who, are two women working in the space) shared four of their favorite female-led alcohol brands with me, rounded up below. Cheersing great tipples this holiday season can be both festive and supportive, after all.

Wine, Ramona: "This female founder and sommelier is mixing up the rules when it comes to wine," Andrews says. "[Founder Jordan Salcito] created a portable and attainable brand that is fun yet delicious, making it the perfect stocking stuffer."

Beer, New Belgium: "New Belgium is one of a handful of female-led beer brands. The variety of products offered makes it a great option for anyone entertaining this holiday season," says Crystal.

Tequila, Casa Dragones: "Casa Dragones has the perfect bottles to gift this holiday season," Crystal says. "We love to send this to hosts, and the gift set even comes in a beautiful blue gift box."

Whisky, Brenne Single Malt Whiskey: "This bottle is the perfect gift for a whisky connoisseur or even someone new to whisky," Andrews says. "It's great on the rocks, neat, or in a cocktail."

If you're looking for more boozy recs, check out these natural wines for clean holiday sipping. Plus, find out whether mezcal or tequila is healthier, once and for all.

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