3 Small Ways to Show up for the Women in Your Life, Just in Time for Galentine’s Day

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You count your lucky stars for your squad daily (shout out to the gal pals who will point out you have lipstick on your teeth, every time), but there aren’t many official opportunities (outside of birthdays) to shower them with all the gratitude they deserve.

That’s why we teamed up with JUSTIN'S®—creators of insanely delicious chocolate nut butter cups—to pull together a Galentine’s Day guide to help you sweeten someone’s day. And to put a healthy twist on the typically candy-laden Valentine's season, we consulted May Zhu, RDN and founder of Nutrition Happens, for her advice on wholesome, heartfelt gestures.

On February 13, you’re invited to pull out all the stops for the spectacular women in your life—AKA the roomie who never forgets to water your succulents and the work wife who knows your entire dating history but has never judged you once. 

Scroll down for three small, thoughtful ways to celebrate every woman in your inner circle this Galentine's Day.

Galentine's Brunch

For the besties who still know your IM screen name by heart: Brunch with dessert

If you had unlimited time and buckets of money, a priority would be spoiling your ride-or-dies with vacays, pups (or kittens), and avocado toast for life. But here’s a budget-friendly move that’s equally as thoughtful: whip up a home-cooked meal.

Prior to Galentine's Day, write out a formal invitation (read: extra special), asking your besties to come over and enjoy a DIY brunch. “It’s an intentional way to carve out the time and space in our packed schedules to honor current friendships and welcome new ones,” Zhu says.

At the end of the meal, surprise your crew with handwritten notes, telling them exactly how much they mean to you, as entertainment for the road. Stick a packet of JUSTIN'S® Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupsa crazy-delicious classic made with only high-quality organic and non-GMO ingredientson the envelope, elementary school-style, for extra pizazz. Nostalgia, FTW.

Justin's cups Galentine's Day

For your cubicle mate who’s always down for a matcha break: Sweet treat

It’s said that doing what you love for a living is the secret to happiness, but if you work in an office setting, you know having a partner-in-productivity (whose IRL Bachelor recaps make slow mornings zoom by) makes all the difference to your weekday joy.

Show your work wife how much you appreciate her by bringing her a day-making treat out of the blue. Zhu suggests grabbing an extra latte for her on your mid-day coffee run and bringing a bag of JUSTIN'S® Mini Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups to share as a snack—because who doesn't love an afternoon pick-me-up featuring coffee and a better-for-you treat?

"[They] are a very sharable treat, which makes it an even better gift because it creates opportunity to share a moment together!" she says. Bonus points if you throw in items like pens in her favorite color or dog-shaped paper clips that'll make her smile.

Justin's minis

For the women who are always available for an over-the-phone heart-to-heart: Snail mail

These are the leading ladies in your life whom you dial any time you want company while walking home from yoga or when you’re searching for an ace healthy-ish recipe. To show her how thankful you are for her always-there loyalty, stamp and send off your gratitude in the mail prior to Galentine's Day.

"Surprise them with a care package with a candle, chocolate, and a card," Zhu says. “There’s so much value in even the smallest gestures because they make us feel cared about and supported. In the digital era, it’s easy to take for granted how communication happens these days.”

These extra-mile touches will remind you and your squad how much you appreciate each other—and help elevate your bond. “Any act of appreciation, no matter how small, affirms our connections with each other and help us individually grow too,” Zhu says. After all, supportive ladies are the secret sauce to your success.

Heart the snail mail idea, but no time to design a custom Valentine? We got you. Click here to download a sweet note you can print out and send to all your friends (with a pack of JUSTIN'S® Peanut Butter Cups, of course)!

In partnership with The JUSTIN'S® Brand

Photos: Hannah Schweiss

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