Your August energy horoscope: It’s time to think big

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It’s not just the stars and planets that can give you a heads-up on what’s about to happen—an energy forecast can also serve as a metaphysical roadmap for the month ahead. Think of it as a woo-woo weather report, which spiritual healers—like Alyson Charles (AKA RockStar Shaman)—can tap into, interpret, and share.

Want to know what the universe has in store this month? Keep reading for her cosmic divination for August—where she’ll prep you for what’s coming, equip you with the tools you need to handle it like a boss, plus share the spirit animal she says you’ll want to channel as a symbolic guide to help you on your path to self-actualization.

Last month we began to understand deeper layers of our truth. As we started to allow ourselves to see aspects that had previously been blind spots (and face things we had been keeping safely beneath the surface), we could then shift into an area that is presenting itself more fully now: healing traumas.

And with all of that, what is also opening up is a new way of looking at things—one that is filled with much less judgment (of self and others), which will open your heart center more and allow you to have a higher and broader viewpoint in terms of what you are capable of being, doing, and experiencing in this lifetime.

You may be feeling like you’re at a major crossroads–will you step forth on the path that promises greater awakening?

The theme for August is initiation, for it’s when we allow ourselves to know ourselves in full (light and dark) that we can begin to embody our complete power; the deep, ancient wisdoms in our soul spark once again to life. As the false self fades and we merge more with heart and soul, we get clearer and clearer around what truly feels right to do here on Earth. You may be feeling like you’re at a major crossroads—will you step forth on the path that promises greater awakening and enlightenment of your powers? If so, I can assure you you’ll be shown the way.

The other key for August is finding the gold within the disturbances, the miracle within the difficulty or pain. This month can present scenarios that may appear dark, but this is where the work begins—being able to pivot your lens and perspective over to the flow of wisdom that will also be there, and showing you the magic, fortune, and enrichment that lies within areas that might feel troubling.

Keep reading for this month’s spirit animals and some daily practices to make the most out of the energetic forecast.

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Your August energy horoscope: It's time to think big

August spirit animals: rabbit and scarab beetle

This is a time where greater fortune can alchemize, and this can happen by calling upon two animal totems who presented themselves this month: the rabbit and the beetle. Ask the rabbit to assist you in not returning to old patterns of safety and to work with you to become the bigger version of yourself you’re ready to be. It’s time to make that change you know you need to make! (Finally.)

And we call upon the sacred scarab beetle (which was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians) to help us let go of resistance and be born into a new reality. It also assists in keeping our thoughts turned toward the sun. The beetle and rabbit both bring us a practice that’s a vital key this month: grounding.


Your August energy horoscope: It's time to think big

Get grounded (and ready for the ride)—here’s how

With all this shifting of perspective—where we’re being stretched and initiated (and we’re letting ourselves step into the pathless land of great miracles, whole power, and purpose)—feeling supported by Earth energies will help you stay peaceful and trusting rather than overwhelmed. Here are a few ways to connect to that feeling of being centered:

With crystals: Work with gems like shungite, hematite, garnet, and smoky quartz.

With a visualization practice: Try walking barefoot on grass or sand and envisioning a cord growing from the base of your spine and letting it dig and burrow its way through all the layers and levels of the Earth until it reaches the open, center abyss of Gaia (AKA Mother Earth or Pachamama).

Let your cord take in any of the medicine our powerful planet wants to deliver to you. You’ll receive exactly what your soul needs at that time. Do this practice every morning.

With color: Thinking about the color gold and meditating on golden energies washing into your aura and lifting your thoughts and frequencies will also be extremely supportive.

At this time, the amnesia around who we truly are and the purpose of having an Earth experience is beginning to fade more and more—I’ve had many people approaching me lately who are “coming out of the closet” for the first time as lightworkers (the term for those who offer healing love to others), shamans, mystics, etc.

While I understand firsthand that this phase can bring up nervousness, I’m guided to convey that while the shaman in you is unlocking, nothing that brings you true joy will fall away from your life—you’ll just begin to get more in alignment with the universe and start to understand how your unique gifts and alchemy want to be delivered to the world.

Alyson Charles, AKA RockStar Shaman, channels ancient, sacred knowledge and divine energy through her work as a wellness guide to celebrities and CEOs. O Magazine named her method a “Top Meditation to Try.”

And Charles, a national champion runner and international TV and radio host, now uses her calling to shamanism to teach people how to awaken their power through partnerships with high-vibe brands like Thinx, W Hotel, The William Vale, The New York Times, National Geographic Channel, and Forbes.

What’s it like to have a session with a modern-day shaman? Here’s what happened when one of our editors got her energy cleansed by “Mama Medicine.” And you can also give your home an energetic upgrade.

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