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Photo: Stocksy/Tiarra Sorte

Organizing your closet is a fairly easy task during the summer. When your wardrobe comprises a bunch of crop tops and leggings, even the smallest of closets can feel like a walk-in. But during the fall…well, there’s a spacial price to pay for the season of cozy sweaters and merino-wool everything. So how to keep a clean home (and an uncluttered mind) when you’re working with chunky knits instead of whisper-light tees?

When interior designer and organization expert Carly Waters spoke to Who What Wear, she shared the closet organization hack that’ll help you maximize your closet space: look up (as in, at that dead space way up near the ceiling).

“Install shelves all the way up to the top of the closet so that you have space to store your out-of-season items.” —Carly Waters, organization expert.

“My best tip is to install shelves all the way up to the top of the closet so that you have space to store your out-of-season items,” Waters says. Then move all of your sundresses, swimsuits, and shorts into that space to make room for your autumn wardrobe in the more reachable regions of your closet.

For the #struggle that is folding and keeping all of your hygge-ready sweaters in one place, Waters suggests keeping your pullovers on lower shelves and wrangling them with clear shelf dividers.

And finally, for dealing with shoes and boots (the biggest culprits when it comes to swallowing up space), Waters advises putting boot shapers (so that they stay upright and take up less space) in your kicks, and placing them on the floor underneath your clothes.

And with that, I bid you a happy fall-closet reset!

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