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My Studio Style: Flik Swan and Victoria Marr

(Photo: Sleek Technique)
Victoria Marr (left) and Flik Swan live and work in chic ballet-inspired workout clothes. (Photo: Sleek Technique)


Professional dancers Flik Swan and Victoria Marr are the Londoners behind Sleek Technique, a ballet-based workout that’s entirely online. Clients stream their videos or join a live feed and get instant feedback on their form and posture wherever they are—whether it’s their Notting Hill or New York living room—or a poolside somewhere exotic.

And the duo’s got some serious pirouette-cred. “Sleek comes from the 32 years of combined professional dance training, careers, and experience that Victoria and I have to our names,” says Swan, who’s been a regular in West End productions, like A Chorus Line. Marr, on the other hand, was a soloist with the Birmingham Royal Ballet, one of the UK’s top companies.

Like true classically-trained ballerinas, they tend to favor ultra-femme, fitted fashions while plié-ing up a storm. “I don’t wear baggy clothes to workout in,” says Marr. “Wearing something that you lets you see the lines of your body improves your awareness of your technique.”

Read on for their prima-ballerina-worthy picks—so chic it seems criminal to just wear them for an at-home virtual sweat sesh. —Jamie McKillop

Flik Swan’s Picks

Bloch Ladies Peri Open Knit Sweater (£50—UK/Europe only) I love this open knit long sleeve sweater by Bloch in grey. I throw it over my favorite leotard—the Yumiko Alex is my top choice right now—and I’m ready to hit the barre or mat. My motto is, if you feel good when you start your workout, you’re going to perform better throughout.

Sweaty Betty Chaines Leg Warmers ($45) Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 9.05.59 PMEvery dancer needs leg warmers. My must-have pair is by Sweaty Betty. They’re the perfect color and length and have a pro-ballerina-meets-Bridget-Bardot style about them, which I adore. At the same time they really do keep my legs warm during the early stages of Sleek Technique classes when it’s all about pliés and tendus to fire-up and tone the lower body.

Victoria Marr’s PicksPepper and Mayne

Pepper&Mayne Super Soft Barre Body ($110) I wear my Pepper&Mayne striped ballet crossover a lot. (That’s a “leotard” for Americans.) It’s a relatively young British label that does a great rehearsal-inspired collection. They’re pieces you can wear in and out of the studio, so they’re perfect for the days I have meetings, or when I go from ballet to brunch.

T_6_Signature_Series__10964.1386101816.1280.1280Totem Signature Series T6 Metro Tarzan Dan Swan Tote Bag ($120) I like things that are functional, but still great to look at. So I think the ballet-print tote bags from photographer Tarzan Dan are great. I’ve always been a fan of his dance photography, and now I can take some of it with me! It’s a perfect bag for carrying all of my workout wear.

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