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Photo: Stocksy/Marija Mandic

You can work all year to cultivate patience, but there’s one thing that’s sure to test your Zen once December rolls around: holiday travel.

Crowded airports, clogged freeways, weather delays—all are super stressful, but lost luggage is quite possibly the worst offender. One way to ensure your limited-edition leggings and new sneakers make it home with you? Pack them in a carry-on suitcase.

Yes, it is possible to fit all your essentials into limited luggage space, and no one knows that better than those who do it for a living: flight attendants.

I consulted Grace Antipala and Theona Kapoi, veteran attendants from Hawaiian Airlines, who have perfected the carry-on packing technique. They’re sharing their secrets to help keep your holiday sojourns as anxiety-free as possible. (Although their help stops once you get off the plane—sorry, but they can’t assist with those extended family dinners.)

“As a professional world traveler, learning how to pack quickly and efficiently is a valuable asset,” explains Antipala. “Once you have that mastered, it’s the best way to ease the stresses of travel.” At this point, anything helps.

Scroll down for six genius flight attendants’ tips on packing for the holidays (or any farflung trip) using just a carry-on suitcase.

Get Started

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Have a routine

Part of what helps flight attendants pack in a flash is having a set routine for every trip. Beyond using the same carry-on for every flight—which they say is a no-brainer—they also have a designated place for each necessity.

“Chargers are separated and placed into the same baggie, while my wallet, passport, and plane ticket go in an easily-accessible outside pocket,” says Kapoi. “I also pack a ready-to-go extra outfit in a Ziploc bag—just in case. Activewear is the easiest option because it’s so light and compact.”


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Baggies are your BFFs

It’s not a coincidence that Kapoi mentioned Ziploc bags twice—they’re a space-saving staple in her suitcase.

“I use these like they’re vacuum-sealed packing bags,” she says. “You put your clothes in them, suck out the air, and—voilà!—so much space. It keeps you organized and lets you pack a few extra outfits.”


Photo: Stocksy/Katie Joe

Layering is key

While you should be mindful of what you’re putting in your bag, it’s also helpful to know what not to add in. Both of our packing pros recommend keeping some layers out and wearing them on the plane instead (meaning more room for those party pants).

“Some cabins feel warmer, while some are frigid, so having layers gives you the option to remove or add clothes to stay comfortable,” explains Kapoi.


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Invest in special “plane purchases”

While you can certainly travel with your everyday necessities, both women suggest picking up a few items that you keep in your carry-on (rather than use day-to-day when you’re home), so they’re always there for your trips.

For example, Antipala has a 10-foot charging cord that reaches every randomly placed hotel room outlet. She also invested in an external battery pack for flights where she can’t plug in. Her last go-to plane purchase? A cozy scarf that can act a blanket, wrap, or face cover for in-flight naps.

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Roll ’em up

When it comes to fitting as much in your suitcase as possible, there are two camps: Team Folding, and Team Roll-Up. Like Marie Kondo, these pros swear by rolling.

“Clothes tend to have fewer weird wrinkles when you roll them,” says Antipala. “Plus, you can fit way more in your bag this way.” Which means that you’ll leave more room for the gifts you’ll be toting back and forth.


Photo: Stocksy/Lyuba Burakova

Plan for the worst

Although the glass-half-full mentality is the best way to live, let’s be real: Travel can sometimes be cursed around the holidays. And in extra-full flights, that means you may need to check your carry-on at the gate.

For this reason, it’s always best to be prepared and put your can’t-live-without-it items in your purse or backpack. “I like to pack an extra outfit, several extra undergarments, toiletries, and my makeup,” says Antipala. Bon voyage!

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