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Many people know their Myers-Briggs personality type down to all four letters, and the intricacies of what those letter combinations mean. I, however, have never really had the time (okay fine, patience) to take whole quiz, and even if I had, I likely would’ve forgotten the important details of the results. But this doesn’t mean I completely lack self-awareness—I do know that I am prone to needing attention (classic middle-child trait) and that I am definitely not an introvert.

I’ve created this quiz to help you figure out if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Even if you think you know where you land on the spectrum, the quiz could help you understand those around you (or the healthy home decor choices you should be making) in time for the holiday season, which tends to be rich social opportunities. Knowledge is power, and knowing your personality type might save you some from enduring some stressful situations.

You can also see which Sex and the City character you are and what type of hygge person you are.